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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pippin
Owner: ardour
Pet Name: Eofi
Breed: Djuti

About Pippin:
A chubby speckled Korbat, dressed in an obnoxiously blue and gold one-piece, walks up to the stage, a Djuti swaying on her arm. It makes a sharp squeaking noise and the Korbat taps it on the nose. The Korbat reaches the center and taps the microphone; it releases a screeching whine and the Djuti sticks its head into the Korbat’s armpit to escape the noise.

"Ah-ha! Is this working?" says the Korbat, lifting the microphone out of its stand. "Guess so. Hello everyone!"

She beams earnestly, looking completely comfortable in front of several stone-faced judges. "My name's Eofi d'Aren, and I'm here to talk about this little doofus here, Pippin!" She shakes her arm, forcing Pippin's head out from her armpit, and lifts her arm to the microphone.

"Pippin, say hi to the frankly unfriendly judges," Eofi says, sticking the microphone under the Djuti’s nose. It squawks indignantly and shuffles up to hide in the Korbat’s orange mess of hair.

"Be nice Pip, or I'll send you on lookout after this!" Eofi warns. Pippin turns and stares at Eofi with large, betrayed eyes, as though her words are a death knell, and sits on her shoulder, looking dejected.

Eofi turns back to the judges, smiling. "I'm here to explain how this silly bird is a staple to the health and integrity of the Skylark. What's the Skylark, you ask? Why, only my flying ship!" She pulls a scroll out of one of the pockets of her one-piece and snaps it open with one hand. There's a picture of a long ship with a winged faerie as the figurehead, and long, fin-like extensions from the main sails. Pippin cranes his neck to chew on the corner of the scroll.

"This is the Lark. Isn't she beautiful?" Eofi gushes, her eyes crinkled with fondness. She drags the scroll away from Pippin, but he follows stubbornly, his neck straining. "We're travelling merchants, and we do good business, but everyone remembers us for one reason... and that reason is Pippin!"

"Pippin here," Eofi continues, thrusting the shoulder carrying Pippin upward and startling him into dropping the scroll, "is the soul of the Lark. He's the friendliest, silliest, funniest Petpet you'll ever find. He greets all of our customers, keeps the crew happy, and is a perfectly useless bird when sending messages to other ships. Pippin, turn around and show yourself off!"

Pippin lifts his head up at Eofi's words and puffs his chest. He bobs his head up and down, shrieking happily at the chance to show off to new people. Eofi winces at the noise, and so do the judges, but he takes no notice, bobbing from side to side, flapping his wings, and burbling.

"Unfortunately," Eofi says in a stage whisper, "the only thing he cannot do is sing... but he does love to!"

Pippin gives another round of screeching crows before burying his beak into Eofi's ear. Her ear flicks, smacking the Djuti in the face and he sneezes. Eofi laughs and reaches up to give him a pat.

"Anyway," Eofi continues, this time with a crooked smile as though she's forgotten the judges were watching, "that's Pippin. After I bought the Lark, he was given to me as a present because I was told that every pirate needed a parrot.

"But," she laughs, "I am not a pirate, and Pippin is not a parrot. We make it work anyway, though!"

Pippin croons in her hair. Eofi sets the microphone back in the stand and finishes. "Thanks so much for having Pippin 'n' me here. It's always enjoyable to give someone the credit they deserve! Thanks, Pippin dear."

She kisses Pippin on the beak and waves at the judges, leaping off the stage in a swift movement of blue and orange. A happy chirp follows her beyond the curtain.

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