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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nasicaa
Owner: jarm9
Pet Name: indamira
Breed: Clay Angelpuss

About Nasicaa:
"Come one, come all! Come see The Amazing Contorting Angelpuss!"

What? How could such a thing be? Easily... The Amazing Contorting Angelpuss is none other than Nasicaa the clay Angelpuss!

"Look, she's just over there napping -- give me a second and I'll wake her up."

The boy pokes the Angelpuss. It's made of clay, as expected, but a bit differently-shaped. One of the most surprising features is its tail, an unusual Angelpuss trait.

The Angelpuss opens her eyes and meows.

"Yeah, hey Nasicaa, it's me, 'member? You got some tricks I taught you, remember?"

She chirps something happily.

"Let's show off then, huh!"

She stands up, bristles, and smiles as wide as she can.

"Good girl! Good. So... what should we do first?"

She stares.

"Uhhhh... oh! Yeah -- ball, Nasicaa, ball! Ball!"

It takes but a moment for Nasicaa (twitching her ears in recognition) to begin the process of her entire body shifting -- she looks as though she's melting, but suddenly swirls in impossible ways (like she is liquid and not Petpet), until she forms a nearly perfect orb, save for her eyes and smiling mouth.

She meows happily.

"Good girl! Gooood Nasicaaa. See? Betcha never seen an Angelpuss do that before! Nasicaa here is one of a kind, and can do all sorts of shapes... show them the star! Star, Nasicaa, star!"

She stares, taking the word in, and the ball that was a clay Angelpuss suddenly morphs, growing spikes and becoming a star... with a face. A star with a face.

Again, she meows happily.

"Man, that is just awesome, isn't it? Good Nasicaa, goooood."

He pats one of her corners fondly and Nasicaa chirps a happy chirp.

"Now, let's try something harder... Cobrall, Nasicaa, remember? We tried that last week. Cobraaaall."

It takes a little longer, but Nasicaa gets it and meows, then contorts into a chunk of clay before wringing herself out and morphing into a Cobrall.

"See? Isn't she great? She can be any Petpet you want! One of the amazing wonders of The Amazing Contorting Angelpuss--"

"Viepe, what in the world are you doing with my Angelpuss?"

The blue Zafara that had been commanding Nasicaa nearly hops out of his skin. He turns and sees his sister, Indamira the Christmas Cybunny.

"Oh, heeeey, Indamira," he says, laughing incoherently. "I was just, y'know, Nasicaa does cool tricks--"

"I know," she says. "You spent forever teaching them to her once you figured out that she could change shape."

He laughs some more. Indamira goes over, picks up her Angelpuss-gone-Cobrall, and soothingly pats her head.

Nasicaa purs, delighted, and slowly molds herself back to her original form.

"Now, please, leave my poor Angelpuss alone. She has enough trouble trying to avoid getting eaten by that Popblew of Rigi's without having to perform tricks for annoying little brothers."

Viepe looks downcast at that, then mumbles, "But I was doing that for practice for the Petpet Spotlight. Nasicaa would do so well..."

Indamira thinks it over for a moment.

"I might take you up on that..."

The Zafara brightens.

"...After you bathe and clean her, so she's all ready to show off."

Viepe's ears fall faster than the speed of a thousand Petpets trampling over someone for food. "But, how do you even bathe a clay Petpet--"

"That's for you to figure out, bro. Good luck."

She hands Nasicaa off to Viepe, who pouts at the Angelpuss. Nasicaa simply smiles, her permanently happy smile still in place.

Indamira is just about to leave when she turns back around. "Oh, and make sure you get behind her ears, and her wings -- she just loves her wings and ears. Oh, and her tail... also, maybe use that fancy Petpet bath soap, will you? She has high standards and doesn't like that cheap stuff you use on Aie..."

Viepe sighs.

Nasicaa is all smiles and rainbows, and still meowing for anyone who will listen. Such is the life of The Amazing Contorting Angelpuss.

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