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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Cardinal
Owner: 885ertd
Pet Name: Kibotopy
Breed: Red Gobbler

About Cardinal:
From the diary of Redwing:

Yesterday was quite an adventure, even for a world-renowned adventurer such as myself. What made yesterday so extraordinary, you may ask? Well, yesterday I got an owner.

It all started in the late afternoon. The gray clouds were beginning to thunder ominously and drip. Seeking shelter, I slipped into the The National Neopian Bank with more stealth than a master ninja, where I could probably hide in a big Safety Deposit Box. I had done it before. I followed a pirate Krawk and a baby Chomby into one of the biggest boxes, although calling that box a box would be like saying Maraqua was a little damp. The place was as big as a small warehouse, with at least thirteen thousand random pieces of junk in it. The Krawk and Chomby began to dig around in the junk, with the Krawk saying, "Vivilianne, could you pleeeease stop leaving your favorite toys in here? You know how much I hate having to drag you here every ten minutes." I watched them from atop a box filled with keyrings, of all things. The Chomby giggled and began to say something, but I was falling asleep, exhausted from my extensive adventuring.

I woke up a short time later, as my laser-sharp ears detected some Petpets whispering. One of them was saying, "We get to eat good tonight, right guys?" The other Petpets -- three others, from the sound of them -- growled at the one. I faked sleep with all the skill of a professional actor until I heard the click of claws approaching. I waited until they were close, then leaped to my feet and squawked ferociously at the Petpets, which I now could see were two Werhonds, a Skree, and a Reptillior. I was ready to do battle with them, to the bitter end if necessary, when that baby Chomby yelled, "Kibo! Kibo! Those Petpets are gonna attack the red thing! Scare 'em off! Scare 'em off"

The pirate Krawk sighed, rubbed its temples, and ran at the four of them, growling. The Petpets fled so fast that they left dust clouds. I didn't flee from the giant Krawk, I stood my ground. The Krawk picked me up, much easier than I would've liked to admit, and asked, "Did you sneak in here?"

I shook my head no, squawked, and tried to peck the Krawk.

Instead of flinching and dropping me, it laughed and said, "I like you! Would you care to join me on an adventure?" The Krawk put me down on the keyring-filled box. I started to lick my front claw, wanting to hear more about this adventure. The Krawk continued, "I'm gonna go off to find someone to get rid of those Petpets, and I would rather not traverse all of Neopia alone, or with Vivilianne. Would you like to go with me?" I chirped and jumped onto its shoulder.

"Why don’t you want to go with me?" the Chomby whined.

"Because you're scared of everything," the Krawk replied.

Before the Chomby could answer, the Krawk smiled and said to me, "I'm Kibotopy. Care if I call you Cardinal?"

I shook my head, as Cardinal was as good a name as Redwing.

"Oh, and one more thing, Cardinal," Kibotopy said. "I'm actually not a pirate. I am a gentleman, so that's the other reason I like you. You're not a pirate, either."

"Kibo, I like your new Petpet," Vivilianne said. "Can I hug him?"

I shook my head and squawked loud enough to shatter metal. Both Kibotopy and Vivilianne laughed while I rolled my eyes.

So, now I have a pirate Krawk as an owner. At least, until this adventure to get rid of the wannabe vicious Petpets from the Safety Deposit Box is over. After that I may leave Kibotopy, unless he's as adventurous as I am. If he is, then I think I'll stick with him.

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