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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Conker
Owner: supermlps
Pet Name: Oriisu
Breed: Yellow Dandan

About Conker:
"Allow me to introduce myself."

Out of the fog steps a small, chubby, white female Grarrl. She has small brown wings on her back, and wears a brown velvet bow hat. She shakes her head a bit before she continues talking.

"I am who most people refer to as Oriisu. You can call me Ori." She smiles a bit before picking up a small, yellow-coloured Dandan that scurried up to her and began nipping at her feet. She pets the small creature affectionately, stroking its long, bushy tail.

"This is Conker," she begins. "Conker has been with me for as long as I could remember. Maybe even longer."

The small creature snuggles up to a ball in her admittedly short arms, purring contentedly.

"Well, I've had my fair share of Petpets in the past. None like this one, though. I've always wanted a Petpet. Way back when I still was a Lenny -- and a red one at that -- I stuffed a sock with cotton, put some fake eyes on him, and pretended it was a plushie Slorg."

Ori laughs a bit. Looking back, it was pretty silly. But then, she was young, and still a Lenny. Lennies were a considerably clever species, but Ori was... not at all. She didn't like books as much as just running around and having adventures with her close friends that have since then moved to other regions. Some went to Terror Mountain, others to the Haunted Woods. It didn't really matter anymore.

"Alas, that didn't last too long. The wannabe Slorg, which I called Squishy, eventually went missing. I was pretty sad at first, but then I realized that I should get a new Petpet."

The Dandan she was cradling in her arms began squeaking, wanting to get down again. Ori obliged to his will and put him down, at which point he began chasing his own fluffy tail a bit absentmindedly.

"So, I think I was a brown Lenny around that time..." She tried placing one of her stubby little Grarrl-arms under her chin to appear deep in thought, but they were too short for that, and she just shook her head again. "I was walking around with Hurkel. Hurkel is a pretty nice guy... he's still a Lenny. He's now royal, but back then, I think he was painted Christmas or something... can't really remember."

Ori looked at Conker for a moment, who was still running around in circles. He eventually fell down and began to groom his yellow coat.

"We were around Shenkuu, I think... in some of the more temperate kinda forests. We went there to buy some food from the local shops when we decided to take a walk in the nearby forest glades, partly because it was nice weather, and partly because... no reason."

She laughed a bit. "Hurkel flew toward a tree, swearing that he'd seen something. I flew after him, still being a Lenny with regular-sized wings, of course."

Reminiscing a bit, Ori remembered when her wings weren't useless.

"It was a Dandan, I say! I had heard about the species, but to see one just in the trees? Hurkel, being the curious bird that he was, neared his face toward the critter, wanting to expect him more closely, but the Petpet didn't take to this kindly -- he nipped Hurkel's beak!"

Conker perked up, looking at his owner with his head tilted.

"Of course, Hurkel didn’t feel any pain at all, but he was pretty annoyed after that. He proposed that we left the Dandan to his own, but when we were walking off together, he began following us. Eventually, the critter nipped at my shopping bags, too, and as a result some nuts spilled out. He took a liking to the Conkerberries I had bought in Brightvale a while ago..."

Ori looked off into the distance, trying her best to remember what it was all like. Her Petpet was still grooming himself.

"He never quite left, and I took to calling him Conker because of that. I think he was the only one that wasn't confused when I changed into a Grarrl! Anyhow, he's precious, and I wouldn't know what I would do without him."

Conker purred a bit, curling up on the ground and using his tail as a blanket. The small female Grarrl carefully picked him up and went on her way again, some feathers -- a reminder from when she'd once mastered the power of flight -- trailing behind her.

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