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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Zim
Owner: warriorsrock965
Pet Name: Invader
Breed: Plushie Shocket

About Zim:
I remember the day that I was finally chosen to be someone's actual Petpet.

It still makes me a bit giddy to think about it.

My name is Zim, and I'm a Plushie Shocket. A little over a year ago my owner, Invader, decided to go on a search for the perfect Petpet. He told me that he looked for a long, long time before he finally found me. I never believed in the "Petpet at first sight" stuff that everyone would tell me in the Robo-Petpet Shop, that we would eventually be picked by the Neopet that was destined to find us. Ha! I can only laugh at my old self for not believing that. Invader found me (He told me it was fate!) and boy, am I glad that fate brought us together! Invader is the best Neopet ever.

Let me tell you my story.


"Come on out!" the Grundo shopkeeper, owner of the Robo-Petpet Shop in Virtupets, called. He flipped on the light switch and incandescent lighting filled the shop, bringing cheeriness to everyone that was there. Everybody was thinking the same thing: "Will I be chosen to be someone's Petpet today?"

I was just a normal Shocket at the time. I was metallic and hard, with red wings, and I wasn't exactly cuddly. None of the Petpets in the Robo-Petpet Shop were cuddly. Then again, most of the Neopets that came in the shop to find a Petpet weren't exactly cuddly, either -- they were usually robots or Grundos.

Not that I would mind having a robot or Grundo as an owner. In fact, I think I actually would've preferred it. Robots and Grundos were the perfect owners for robot Petpets.

"Hey Shocket!" a Chomper called from across the room. Well, of course he called me Shocket -- it was what I was, and we didn't get names until we were chosen to be an actual Petpet for a Neopet.

"Hey Chomper," I said, slowly floating over to him. "What's up?"

Chomper sighed. "Nothing, as always... unless you count the ceiling." He then smiled, his metallic blue teeth shining in the lighting. "Maybe today will be the day, though!"

I smiled back at him, hoping that today would, in fact, be the day I would get an owner. Chomper, too. "Maybe today will be the day? I wish both of us luck. We both deserve a Neopet to love forever."

Chomper nodded in agreement, wagging his tail in excitement. "Definitely," he agreed, then looked over my shoulder. "I'll see you later, Shocket! I need to go talk to Wheelie."

I waved my wing bye. "See you, Chomper. I actually hope I won't," I added quietly. After all, if I didn't see Chomper again, then that would mean one of us -- or both, Fyora willing -- had found a Neopet.

The door chimed. Someone came in! I looked up and, sure enough, it was a Grundo. A baby Grundo, in fact. I can only hope he picks me, I thought, staring down the Grundo that was talking to the shopkeeper. He looked like he would be a good owner -- that Baby Grundo had a whole bag of Neopoints in his hand! I thought of how many Neopoints I was normally worth. About 1,500 Neopoints, I thought, and told myself that that Grundo had more than enough to buy me if he decided to.

I sighed slightly. Why would that baby Grundo want to pick me over the other Petpets in the shop? Chomper looked so much better than I did, and so did Buzzler and Wain. Most of the Neopets that came in the shop would probably pick them first. Who could blame them, really? They were cute Robot Petpets. I, on the other hand, have mismatched eyes, a stiff posture, and I can't even walk. I fly everywhere. Most Neopets want a Petpet that can walk beside them, not fly beside them. Everyone here deserved an owner, but I couldn't help wishing that I would be picked first.

I floated gently closer to the baby Grundo that was still talking to the shopkeeper. I noticed a few other Petpets were doing the same; we were all slowly getting closer to that Neopet, hoping he would notice one of us. Blobagus floated wildly around the baby Grundo's head, and I heard the Neopet laugh. I felt a pang of jealousy. That Blobagus would probably be picked.

Just when I admitted defeat and turned to go find Chomper, I heard a gasp and words quickly spoken. I could hardly believe my ears.

"Could you tell me how many Neopoints that Shocket is? I'll pay whatever it takes!"

I turned and gaped at the baby Grundo. He wanted me! I was going to be an actual Petpet, finally! I floated over to the Grundo, barely able to contain my excitement. I gave him a look, as if to say, "Me?" and the baby Grundo laughed.

"Yes, you! You're perfect... I've been searching all day long for the perfect Petpet. I've been waiting to feel a feeling, and as soon as I saw you, I felt it!" He smiled widely. "My name is Invader." He paused, thinking for a moment, no doubt trying to think of a name for me. "I need to name you. I like short names, and one that will fit you. Hmm, I do plan to paint you plushie as soon as we get out of here, so it has to fit that as well..."

I nearly burst with excitement. I was going to be plushie! I was going to be a cuddly rocket, one that could be hugged by Neopets without them shuddering from the cold of my metallic body.

Invader snapped his fingers. "I've got it! How about the name 'Zim'? Do you like it?"

I jumped up, buzzing around my owner's head while nodding eagerly. Zim is perfect! I thought to myself. I had a name, I had a name! I was going to be an actual Petpet.

Invader laughed. "Well then, let's get going! My owner will be so happy knowing I finally found a Petpet. I can't wait to show you to her! Come on!" He started walking toward the door, pausing only to pay the shopkeeper, and waved me over.

Before I could follow, I saw Chomper over by the shopkeeper. He was smiling an encouraging smile. I smiled back at him. I wouldn't see Chomper again, but I was going to a new home. I knew that Chomper would have his day soon. "Bye, Chomper," I said as I got near him.

"Bye, Zim," Chomper said with joy. "I'm glad this day has come for you. Zim fits you, it really does."

"Thanks, Chomper," I said with a smile. "I know you'll find an owner soon, too. Just you wait!" I gave him a quick hug. "Maybe I'll see you around one day."

"Maybe," Chomper said with a quick smile. "Go on, Invader's waiting for you."

"I'll miss you!" I said, turning to follow Invader. "Thanks for being a great friend!"

Before I exited the store, I turned one last time to see Chomper smiling widely and waving. I waved back. My new life was beginning, and although I knew I'd lost a friend, I had gained a new one, and I would always remember Chomper.

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