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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pepper
Owner: auwalikesdinosaurs
Pet Name: Arveya
Breed: Miamouse

About Pepper:
My name is Pepper, and I have a huge problem that I deal with regularly: I have a powerful sneeze!

I know what you're thinking; big deal, right? How can something as trivial and slightly annoying as sneezing be a problem? Well, I can assure you that it has been absolutely horrible for me to have to deal with.

I will just be sitting around minding my own business when, all of a sudden, that awful feeling rears its ugly head. That horrible, ticklish, twitching, itchy feeling will enter my nose, and there's nothing I can do about it. I'll cover up my nose and try to hold it back for as long as I can, but my efforts are always fruitless. Then, suddenly, when I least expect it... ACHOO! I'll let out the loudest, most forceful sneeze you will ever witness.

The worst part about it is that, not only does this happen to me frequently, but it will always send me flying. I'm just a Miamouse, you see, so my tiny body isn't really able to handle it very well. This has not only gotten me into trouble on several different occasions, but I didn't have any friends because of it. None of the other Miamice who lived in the Enchanted Woods wanted to be anywhere near me! It was such a disheartening feeling.

Recently, however, my problem has become less a terrible curse and more of a fortunate blessing.

I was taking a stroll along a river on one warm sunny afternoon when I spotted a ripe Tangella growing on a branch in the tree in front of me. Going for it was obviously a terrible idea considering the circumstances, but I was very hungry and not thinking clearly at the time, so I climbed the tree and made my way onto the branch and toward the delicious fruit.

It was then, right as I was reaching out for the Tangella, that the familiar itchy tingly sensation began. I was unable to contain myself, of course, and before I knew it my horrible sneezing fit had sent me flying out of the tree and plunging down into the river below.

Fortunately for me I'm a decent swimmer, and I managed to grab onto a small log that happened to be floating in the water nearby. Otherwise, I'm sure I would have been in serious trouble. I grumbled to myself about my misfortune as I allowed the current to carry me further downstream.

After a while, I happened to look and notice something hunched over on the riverbank ahead. From a distance it looked like... a large Faellie? It was only after I drifted closer and the figure looked up at me that I realized I was mistaken. The young Acara in the Faellie hood looked up at me as the current carried me in her direction, and I could see that a expression of puzzlement and concern had washed over her face. She then stood upright and rushed toward me, wading through the water and lifting me up off of the log.

"Oh my, you poor little thing! Are you all right?" she asked me in a worried tone as she carried me to the shore. I couldn't exactly speak back to her, of course, but I wearily nodded my head in response.

Every part of me wanted to just run away as far as I could, but my desire to do so quickly vanished as soon as she held me close and spoke to me in a gentle tone.

"Don't worry, I promise I'll take good care of you."

As we left the river and traveled down the forest path together, I learned that her name was Arveya. She had been through some sort of ordeal and had just moved nearby here recently. Or, at least, that's what I thought she was talking about. Even though I didn't really understand a lot of what she was saying, she spoke with such enthusiasm and cheer that it was enjoyable to listen to anyway.

It was all so oddly comforting to me, and I knew then that -- despite my affliction -- things were going to go right for me for once.

After a while, however, my ears perked as I noticed an eerie growling noise coming from somewhere nearby. Arveya noticed it as well, and she suddenly came to a stop and turned around...

"EEEK!" she cried out in horror as she backed away, only to stumble on a tree root and fall to the ground. I dropped down beside her and looked up, only to regret doing so immediately after. A ferocious Werelupe was towering over us, and it began to howl in triumph. Arveya was too frighted to stand back up and attempt to flee, but it's likely that she wouldn't have been able to either way.

Just when I thought the situation was completely hopeless, that sensation overwhelmed me again. The timing could not have been worse! My nose twitched like mad, and despite how hard I tried to fight it, I was unable to stop the inevitable. Then, a mere moment before the Werelupe prepared to lash out at us...


I then released the biggest sneeze I ever had, which is really saying a lot! It was so loud and powerful that, to my surprise, it managed to catch the Werelupe completely off guard. A look of fear and shock struck his eyes before he fled back into the forest with his tail tucked between his legs.

I sniffled and tried to recover, but then I found myself being lifted up and hugged from behind by Arveya.

"You saved me! Oh wow, thank you so much!" she cried out in relief. Even in spite of the itchy feeling that still lingered in my nose, I found myself feeling elated.

We have been very close ever since that day, even though my sneezing still causes problems for me and everyone around us. It's as annoying as ever to deal with, but I've begun to not mind nearly as much as I used to.

Sure, it's awful, but if it helped me meet and protect my best friend, then I guess the good completely outweighs the bad.

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