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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pocari
Owner: darklump88
Pet Name: Bejaru
Breed: Schnelly

About Pocari:
Pocari came from the stars...

Yes, it's very strange. You might ask, "How could a Petpet come from the stars, or even space no less (besides the ones that come from the Supply Deck of the Space Station)?"

I was walking home from an intense day at the arcade. I was very tired, so I dug a Neocola token out from the bottom of my pocket and stopped to have a drink. CLANG! the machine went... and out popped a delicious beverage, along with my change. I sat down on one of the nearby benches. Looking around, I could see that an Alien Aisha Vending Machine was also not very far away.

I walked over with my cola in hand. I then crouched down and looked under the machine... that's when I saw it, a shiny golden Nerkmid!

It appeared to me as though it had been dropped there, long forgotten, and also entangled in what appeared to be a big pile of black and grey dust. I reached under the machine to try to grab the Nerkmid and free it from the dust...

MERP! It moved! I jumped back a little, still crouched down and looking under the machine... the clump of dust then started to tremble and whimper. A long white tail unfolded from the mass of hair and dust, and then two green eyes emerged!

Mew? it said. At first I wasn't sure if it was looking at me or just making a rude face. It then walked toward me... I reached out my hand to touch it. TING! I heard the golden Nerkmid fall from its fur and then swivel to the floor. I eagerly picked up the Nerkmid and lifted it to my face for a closer look, but I could only see the pair of little green eyes gazing at me just beyond.

I then put the Nerkmid into my pocket. Mew? the bundle of dust said once more. Feeling bad for stealing its treasure, I decided to take a closer look and then saw that it was a Schnelly! (That's is a type of Petpet I had learned about recently in school.) He was very soft, and I didn't have a Petpet, so I decided to take him home with me.

When we got home I brushed his fur and showed him where he would sleep. After combing out all of his knots and tangles I suddenly remembered the Nerkmid that had been stuck in them.

I reached into my pocket, but the Nerkmid was gone! I looked out the window and noticed, right above the vending machines, that one of the stars was shining more brightly than the rest, like a golden Nerkmid entangled in the darkness of space... just like the Nerkmid I had found tangled in Pocari's fur.

I told myself that that must be where the Nerkmid had gone and felt that it was okay that I'd lost it, because at that moment I looked over at my new Schnelly and realized that I'd found an even greater treasure, a friend.

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