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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Neline
Owner: jeanawei1234
Pet Name: Krenilen
Breed: Fire Weewoo

About Neline:
Hello, I'm Neline the Fire Weewoo. Now, before you make any judgements, I am not one of those White Weewoos you see all over The Neopian Times. No, I am Krenilen's trusty sidekick.

You see, Krenilen was a businessman that lived in the Haunted Woods. He always carried around a black suitcase that is filled with mysterious things -- ancient scrolls, potions, wands, books, and other things that I do not know of. However, Krenilen must keep out of sight from the authorities. Thus, my business is to bring him, from the outside world, bits of information.

One day, however, Krenilen's business did not go well. In fact, he sold nothing at all. This continued for several weeks, until those weeks became months. Now first, let me tell you that Krenilen is a very calm and quiet Neopian; that's why he usually lets me do the communicating, and he never, ever asks anyone else for help. Well, except me.

Back to the story; we were both getting a bit frantic inside from the lack of sales. One day Krenilen announced to me, in a very quiet voice, that he was going to see the witch. The witch was Edna, the Zafara. I literally fell off of my perch on a stray branch. I immediately squawked my protest, but Krenilen's mind was made.

He had told me to stay behind while he went along, so the details of the trip were unknown to me, but when he returned, he looked slightly shaky. Not saying a word about the trip to me, we immediately set off toward the deeper parts of the woods. Minutes later, curious Neopians approached us, and some bought potions from Krenilen.

I turned to the magma Peophin in surprise, but he said nothing, watching a spot on the ground. Shaking my feathers slightly, we continued.

The day's sales were good, very good, and I couldn't help but wonder: just what did he do? What had the witch done? One day, I decided that I must know. If Krenilen did not want to tell me himself, then I would find out. Flying stealthily toward the witch's tower, I did not expect to see what happened.

Crouching by one of the small, moss-covered windows, I pressed my beak against the rough glass. Silently wiping away some dirt, I peered in. At first, I couldn't quite make out what was happening in the tower, the window had an odd angle of the insides of the tower. After much adjusting and twisting my head around, I finally saw her, Edna.

The green Zafara was standing behind a large cauldron, holding what looked like a bright red charm. I watched as she chanted some words and the cauldron turned bright orange. Nothing seemed strange; I knew that witches would cast spells and brew potions. My eyes trailed away from the cauldron and scanned the shelves along the walls of the tower.

Strangely, the shelves were filled with clear glass bottles, each with a stopper plugged in, looking delicate and fragile. What surprised me, however, was not the bottles, no -- it was what was inside the bottles. Shimmery, golden lights, which seemed to possess a certain shape. Each was unique, and they seemed to dance inside the bottles. I blinked rapidly... was that the shape of an Aisha?!? It was true; each and every golden light was shaped like a Neopet. The shapes changed and shifted ever so slightly, once in awhile, but there was no doubt that the shapes were of Neopets.

Shocked by what I had just seen, I did not notice the witch leaving the tower. When I finally heard the dull thud of the door closing, I looked down to see Edna looking around, as if trying to find something. With a very quiet "Eeep!" I quickly flew away, completely forgetting the reason I had been there.

I never dared to go near that tower again. For no apparent reason, Krenilen quit the business a few weeks after, saying that something about the woods disturbed him. I knew it was not true; after all, we had been living in these woods for years, but I went a long with it. To this day, I still thought about that trip to Edna's tower and it still sent shiver through me, as well as curiosity.

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