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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Elmo
Owner: pikurusu
Pet Name: Maisyy
Breed: Starry Slorg

About Elmo:
It was a happy day in Neopia. My slime was as slimy as ever, and I had found the perfect spot to nestle down in a flower bed, right outside an elderly Ogrins house. I lay down on the soft brown soil and rested my head on a moist patch of grass. I gently closed my eyes and listened to the birds in the nearby Money Tree whistle their beautiful songs.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. I lifted my head from the grass and hid behind a flower bed. I peered over the top and looked into the street opposite the house that I had resided in. About four Neopets ran across the street, as if they were racing.

"Quick!" one of them shouted. "Behind this bush!"

GULP. Behind... the bush? No, not my bush! This is my bush! I ducked down from behind the flower bed and hid behind a shrub. In my quick effort to hide, the sharp twigs scraped at my slimy skin, leaving small cuts. I sat silently, not daring to take a peek.

"Hahahaha! That was great, Maisyy! Did you see his face as we ran after him?"

"Yeah, it was hilarious!"

I dared to take a peek at the four Neopets. One of them was a big red Grarrl. I'm surprised he could fit behind the small bush in the front garden. Another was a faerie JubJub; he was fighting for the best spot with a yellow Kacheek.

There was another, however, a baby Gelert. She wasn't hiding, though. She was examining something closely on the floor.

"Hey guys, take a look at this!" the Gelert said.

Uh oh. She seemed to have spotted my trail of slime. Why did my slime have to be so slimy today?!? Why not tomorrow instead?!? I gulped. Okay, just keep calm. I told myself. Don't move a muscle. I held my breath... and waited.

"No way Maisyy, I'm not moving from this spot!" the JubJub said.

"No, it's MY spot!" the yellow Kacheek shouted, trying to push the JubJub away.

"Guys, stop shouting! He'll come back if we're not careful," the Grarrl ordered.

The Gelert decided to take a look herself. My slime waded through three separate flower beds, and the Gelert kept her nose close to it, following it around every corner and through every flower bed.

I can't move now. They'll see me. I guess I'm stuck here. WHY, CRUEL NEOPIA?!? WHY LET THESE CRIMINALS FIND ME?!?

The Gelert was so close now that I could hear her breathing. This is it, then. First a wet brown nose came into view, followed by the tips of two long ears, and then suddenly her whole head was in view. She squealed in delight when she saw me.

"Awwww! Look, it's a cute little Slorg! Let me take you home... oh, you poor thing, you've got cuts and scratches all over you! I'm going to call you Elmo!"

I gulped. What? A home? Oh no, I'm not going anywhere! It looked like I had no choice, however; she scooped me up in her warm paws and placed me on her back. Darn you, slime!

Suddenly, BANG! The door to the elderly Ogrin's house burst open.

"GET OFF MY LAWN!" the wrinkled old Ogrin shouted, waving his walking stick at us.

All four Neopets and me screamed at the top of our lungs.

"RUUUUN!" the Neopets shouted, running as fast as they could.

I bounced along on Maisyy's back as she darted through the crowd in Neopia Central. She ran to a field and took me into the woods. We collapsed on the floor and she broke off into a fit of laughter.

"Wasn't that fun, Elmo?" she said, struggling to hold the words.

Hmm... yeah, you know, it was. I nodded to her enthusiastically.

She saw me staring longingly at a patch of daisies. She walked over to them and picked a couple.

"Here you go, little guy. Now, let's go home," she said softly, placing the daisies in my mouth for me to hold. She then scooped me up and put me back onto her back. I think I'm going to like this.

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