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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Daisy
Owner: bubblesgopop_pop
Pet Name: Smidget2021
Breed: Ditsy

About Daisy:
The beginning of an introduced friendship is not always smooth sailing, but sometimes you may just become the best of friends.

"Oh, look what we have here! It's an origami book. Well, when I say book, I actually mean two pages of instructions, and when I say two pages of instructions, I actually mean one page of writing and one piece of plain paper... well, anyway, let's get started!" the girl said with a smile.

*two hours later*

"Finally! It's finished. My creation, it is aliiiiive... ALLIIIIIIIVVVEEEE!!!"

She turned around to face her Neopets with a look of accomplishment, as if she had completed the hardest task in Neopia.

There, cupped in her hands, was a small paper creature. She stared at it for a while. "I know there's something missing…" she mused, voicing her thoughts.

"Ooh, ooh! I know!" Smidget2021 declared, bouncing up and down on his tail. "It's missing eyes!"

Jess searched around for a bit and -- surely enough -- there they were, underneath the instructions. "Huh, the instructions are double-sided. Ah, there it is. Step 51: when eyes have been attached and its name has been said, the Ditsy will come alive. We hope you will spend hours playing with your new Petpet." She turned the page over, as if to find new instructions suddenly appear over the old ones (you just never know in the world of Neopia).

"Well, since you're the only one without a Petpet yet, why don't you do the honours, Smidge?"

The Meerca looked up into Jess's eyes with reluctance and hesitated before sticking the overly-large eyes onto the Petpet. "Why am I the only one with a goofy Petpet made of paper?" he asked with a whine. "It's not like it will actually come to life," he pouted, his adorable face scrunched up (which made him all that much cuter).

"Smidge, just because it is made of paper does not make it any less of a Petpet," she replied with a sigh.

The little Ditsy said nothing.

"Now, how about you give her a name? I'm sure your new little Petpet would love to have a name, even if it doesn't come to life." Jess crouched down and brought the origami Ditsy down to Smidget2021's eye level. Its googly eyes stared into his, and they stayed like this for almost a minute. "Ack, my eyes!" he hissed. "You win Da..itsy, you win."

As he was rubbing his eyes the Ditsy jumped up in the air and landed with a thud. The Meerca was clearly surprised, and had jumped back from the sudden movement that "Da..itsy" had made.

"You can't be serious. Your name can't be..." he thought for a moment trying to remember the exact way he'd said the word. "Da..itsy, daitsy, oh! Daisy." She jumped again and did a double flip, as if to confirm it. He laughed, knowing that they would get along very well.

He gently took Daisy off the ground and bounced over to his adoptive brothers. "Hey, guys! Meet my new best buddy, Daisy."

From that day, Daisy and Smidget2021 have been best friends.

Daisy is now 30,376 hours old, and still enjoys trying to wake up the Turmaculus with peculiar methods and diving into the Mysterious Symol Hole with her best bud Smidge to cheer her on.

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