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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Wilburt
Owner: jhudora96
Pet Name: tulse
Breed: Candy Vampire

About Wilburt:
Wilburt's story begins with the only part-baker, part-baked good in all of Neopia! The mallow Grundo named Tulse -- renowned for the delightful smell of desserts wafting from the pastel pink windowsills of his privately-run bakery.

It had just been an average day for Tulse. He'd made his way to the candy store in search of a new sugary treat with which to top a batch of cupcakes. Almost immediately he found himself wandering the discounted section of the store, where ribboned bags of rejected seasonal candies had been tossed aside. Surely, he thought, he would find something unique here! Something unusual that he could put to use.

It was a brightly-colored candy that caught his eye, wrapped in a sheer orange cellophane with little pumpkins imprinted on it. Candy corn! Chewy, colorful, easy to bake and melt and stick into gobs of icing! Sweet and delicious, small and decorative... it was the perfect choice. He scooped up the bag and hurried over to the counter.

"Working on a new recipe, Tulse?"

"You bet I am! I’ll be sure to bring you a cupcake when this new batch comes out of the oven!"

Things took a turn for the strange when Tulse waddled into the kitchen and began to select the necessary ingredients to prepare his fluffy, angelic miniature cakes, however. Suddenly, his candy bag started to rummage, and something seemed to be wriggling out of the cellophane.

"Who are YOU?" Tulse cried to the little piece of candy corn that was now peering up at Tulse indignantly. Tulse gasped to see the edible piece of candy with two sharpened teeth protruding from its mouth.

Now, the origins of this mysterious little creature are still unknown to Tulse. The Candy Vampire insists he had been created in a mad scientist’s laboratory and escaped, where a rather eccentric Kacheek desperately scooped him up and handed him over to the Esophagor, who'd been looking for a midnight snack. Seeing that the piece of candy corn was, in fact, alive and, while perhaps still edible, a little maniacal, he served no use for the Esaphagor, and so he was freed. It was purely coincidence that the Candy Vampire had happened to stumble into the candy shop, but he seemed to think that a neglected bag of edible, perishable, non-breathing, non-teething candy corns was a perfect place to hide.

Despite the Candy Vampire's angry growling, Tulse picked up the squirming candy and nestled him against his soft marshmallow cheek.

"I think I'll call you Wilburt," Tulse cooed.

Before "Wilburt" could protest, Tulse was already running to Jhudora96, his owner, excited to introduce his new little friend. Both Jhudora96 and Wilburt peered at one another suspiciously, and when Jhudora96 reached out to stroke the mysterious little creature, he bit her with his teeth.

"Ouch! Not a very pleasant thing, are you?" Jhudora96 cried.

"Can I keep him, mum? Can I, can I, can I? I'll take care of him and wash him and feed him and tuck him into bed every single night! Just the other day you said you thought I was old enough to have my own pet!" Tulse cried.

"Out of all the pets in Neopia, this is the one you want? This rude little piece of candy corn?" Jhudora96 asked with a grimace.

"Oh yes! I love him already!"

How could Jhudora96 say no? It appeared that, despite Wilburt’s poor attitude and pointy teeth, Tulse had already grown quite attached. And so, while Wilburt was not so much friendly even at the best of times, he did not seem to entirely loathe the attention being lavished upon him, either.

So then it came to be, two edible treats running their own bakery. Well, one running the bakery and the other constantly hiding in sugar bowls, eating the ingredients and leaving teeny-tiny melted chocolate footprints all over the countertops. Wilburt is also notorious for hiding and taking naps in the strangest, smallest of places, especially when Tulse needs a hand cleaning up at the end of the day!

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