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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sir Fluffsie
Owner: livamarie
Pet Name: Luffsie
Breed: Symol

About Sir Fluffsie:
Ever since I was no bigger than a chunk of dirt, I had always wanted to be a hero. My favorite stories were those of brave Jeran the Lupe and how he defeated Lord Kass in the name of Meridell. As a young Symol, I didn’t know much about knights, but what I did know made me want nothing more than to become one. Knights, I thought, are heroes. They are selfless. They are loyal. They fight to defend Meridell from evil villains... and save a few fair maidens from danger here and there! Everyday I'd tunnel into the jousting yard to watch the knights in their shining armor, riding noble mounts all decked out in fancy garb. My eyes glittered like the gold that they donned; my heart thrummed like the drums I heard, and my spirit soared with the roar of the crowd in their adoration. Oh, to be a knight!

As I cuddled in to sleep one night, alone with my thoughts in my underground hovel, I couldn't get an image out of my head:

Me, standing tall in a suit of armor, proudly sporting the Meridellian shield upon my breastplate, sword in hand -- a true hero. A knight.

By sunrise, my mind was made up. I would go to King Skarl and request to be one of his knights. I would be brave, like Jeran, and maybe one day Neopians would tell stories about me! As I dug my way to the surface, I couldn't stop smiling.

The castle loomed above, blocking out the sun. I was suddenly afraid. Who was I, a small Petpet, to address the king? Ashamed, I told myself, "Heroes are never afraid." I wanted to be a knight more than anything, so I straightened myself up to my full height of six inches, brushed off a few stray clods of mud, and marched confidently across the drawbridge and into the castle.

King Skarl slouched in his plush chair while a poor peasant woman tried in vain to make him laugh. She finished and stared up at him in hopeful silence. Skarl’s face began to contort in rage. "You call that a joke?!? Stop wasting my time and find your food elsewhere, beggar! Guard!" A large, shadowy figure stepped from behind the throne.

I was in shock. It was a knight, like the ones in my daydreams... until he stepped into the light and revealed himself fully. He was a Draik, giant and menacing. He wore no armor, though, most likely because his belly was so ginormous. A dented metal helmet was squished upon his head. His squinty eyes leered, hard and cold. I could see him scowl as he roughly grabbed the poor peasant by her arm and dragged her to the door through which I had come, shoving her unceremoniously over the threshold.

I was speechless. Where was the chivalry? Knights weren't supposed to look or act that way! They were supposed to be heroes...

"Ehem." King Skarl glared down at me. "Next."
I bowed politely, then held up a piece of paper with my request on it. "My King," Meridell's supreme ruler read aloud, "I come to you in the hope that you might see fit to enlist me in your services as a knight of Meridell." Perhaps it was just me, but in the wake of the king reading my request, it seemed as though the hall had become entirely too quiet. Like the peasant woman before me, I stared up at the king in hopeful silence.

"HA!" he laughed, followed by huge, gut-wrenching laughs. "HA-HA-HA! You? A knight? Sonny, you're nothing but a Symol, a filthy creature of the ground. I would never allow you to parade around under my banner. Besides, you are so small... you would NEVER make a good knight. What a joke!" To the guard, he then said, "My good sir, give our little man a token of my appreciation for his jest."

I exited on my own, carrying a fake knight cloak and a toy sword, followed by peals of laughter and cruel japes.

Once outside the castle walls, I could walk no more. I was heartbroken. In my misery I began to dig. I tunneled my way through miles of earth to the Meridellian countryside. By the time I came aground, I was utterly lost, but I didn't care. Anywhere was better than the place that I had left -- a place where dreams are shattered and knights are mean.

As my eyes adjusted to the dim light of a new dawn, I noticed that I was at the foot of a big tree in the middle of a field... and I wasn't alone. To my left sat a beautiful JubJub, smiling gorgeously right at me! I stared. She stared right back. The first rays of sunshine streamed over the hill and touched her face, making it shine... shine? Confused, I hesitantly went up to her. She wore a pointed maroon hat and a matching dress with little pointed shoes. I reached out to touch her cheek... and found it hard as stone. Porcelain, actually. What is a lonely lawn gnome doing out here? I wondered, then saw my reflection in her big blue eyes. I looked tall -- bigger than I actually am. The image I had only dreamed about came to mind.

"There, there," I comforted her. "Have no fear, my Lady. I am a knight of Meridell, and I have come to protect you.

My name is Sir Fluffsie."

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