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Petpet Name: Jack
Owner: halfwaydreams
Pet Name: Yosetc
Breed: Albat

About Jack:
Yosetc the Lupe looked at his meager pile of Neopoints with a sigh. It wasn't much (it turned out a magician's assistant didn't pay very well at all), but it would do for a bit of shopping.

A Petpet was on his mind today. He saw Neopets come in all the time with their little companions clinging to their shoulders or bouncing along on leashes -- they never failed to bring a smile to his face. Taking care of a magic shop left him alone a great deal of the time, and he was beginning to grow quite lonely among his decks of cards.

And so, he browsed the aisles of the Petpet shops in his area -- always coming out empty handed. He'd always been told he had more expensive tastes than his earnings allowed, and those critics were proving to be right!

He didn't think he was being particularly picky! He just wanted an extravegant Petpet, with a regal appearance, intelligence, and one that could help him in the shop... for 2,000 Neopoints. Was that really so much to ask?

Apparently it was, because after a full day of searching every shop he could think of, he was without a companion once more. Just when he was about to begin heading back to his Neohome, he noticed one last shop on the very end of the street.

Well, he said to himself, it couldn't hurt to look in one more place. He pushed open the doors and immediately tripped over something in the doorway. Sprawled out on the floor of the shop, he began grumbling and feeling around for whatever had tripped him. He found the culprit to be a small pile of trading cards lying in the doorway -- he must have slipped on them when he came through.

Yosetc got up and pawed together the cards, smiling. He loved cards! It was then the shopkeeper rounded the counter and hurried over to him, frantically apologizing.

"It's that Albat!" the shopkeeper growled, gesturing toward the back of the shop, where a common Albat was carefully laying out trading cards onto a table. It looked up and clicked its beak, as if he were criticizing the shopkeeper.

Yosetc laid the stack of cards on the table, admiring the little Albat's organization as the keeper continued to apologize. He separated them by rarity (and by price!) where the shopkeeper had simply thrown them haphazardly on the table.

"The thing is always buzzing around, doing this," the shopkeeper said, gesturing toward the table, "touching the merchandise! Always opening the board games and playing them. We can't sell new games when they've been opened!" The keeper huffed and returned to their front counter, ending with, "He should be good now; let me know if I can help you with anything!"

"He knows what he's doing," the Lupe laughed, trading looks with the Albat, who had been shooed to the other side of the shop, squawking all the way.

"Docking his price again... maybe that will get him out of here." The shopkeeper began mumbling to herself, scribbling on what Yosetc recognized as an inventory form. Two thousand... Yosetc glanced to the back of the store, where the Albat was curling up under a table, looking quite defeated if he did say so himself.

Albats aren't very fancy or pretentious, he told himself, but those delicate fingers looked like they'd even be able to perform magic tricks with him, and he knew about cards! Maybe he could give the little thing a home, at least for a little. It couldn't hurt, anyway.

"Perhaps I could take the Albat off your hands?" the Lupe hesitantly asked as he approached the counter, placing his bag of Neopoints before them. The shopkeeper's eyes brightened, likely at the prospect of getting rid of what had clearly become a huge nuisance.

"Honey, I'll knock his price down to 1,500 Neopoints if you take that thing home!" Without waiting for his answer, the keeper had run to the back of the store, made the proper exchanges in the bag of Neopoints, and was pushing the duo out the door before he knew it.

Well, he'd left the house that morning intent on finding a companion, and apparently he’d found one! Yosetc looked down at the Albat, which was now reluctantly following him.

“I guess I should call you something now, hm?” the Lupe started as they walked down the street filled with shops, finally heading home for the day. The Albat hopped along beside him, managing to keep pace with the much larger creature.

"How abbouuut... Jack?" the Lupe said with a smile, amused by the thought of the name. A common name for a common pet. The Albat scowled at his new name, clearly not as amused as his owner.

"Well, now you're defintely keeping it," Yosetc huffed and pouted at the little Petpet as the two continued down the street, off to start their lives together.

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