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Petpet Name: Sir Cookie
Owner: ellbot1998
Pet Name: DigiFlair
Breed: Pirate Hoovle

About Sir Cookie:
The whizzing of arrows pierced the birdsongs of the Kateils living in the gardens surrounding the Hall of Heroes as the clear sky was punctuated by a multitude of oaken shafts. The aforementioned Kateils flew off in a flurry of greens and blues, feathers flying and some falling out and drifting to the ground unnoticed as a second spray of arrows shrieked and thudded off of the cobblestone paths, sticking into trees, or crashing into the bushes. Screaming, accompanied by cries of "Pirates!" and "Help!" soon ensued.

Being the noble knight that I was, my hooves were soon bringing me into the face of danger. Princess Flair, who was a gorgeous silver Peophin and Altador’s heir, had been enjoying her daily afternoon walk when the king received word that pirates had docked in Altador with the intent of kidnapping the princess for ransom. A chorus of trumpets had blared three times -- the city's equivalent of an alarm.

Chaos quickly ensued as her attendant, a green Lutari, and I quickly began ushering the princess into the palace as swiftly as possible. Flair moved with surprising quickness for a Peophin, as she had years of practice since she'd been that species from birth. I didn't stop as an arrow just barely missed my leg. The pirates had brought archers with them...

We dashed inside the palace, a servant admitting us and then barring the doors. I then let my guard down -- just barely -- as we progressed up the stairs.

"Cookie! Sir Cookie, we could use a hand over here!"

I dashed toward the upper dining room, where someone had called for me. Had the pirates infiltrated the palace? I poked my head in to see overturned tables and broken dishes everywhere, but not a living soul. Screams brought my attention back to my designated charge.

Princess Flair!

Pirates were all over the place! I turned to see the attendant unconscious on the ground, and an orange Skeith pirate pointing a dagger at the Peophin. He didn't notice me. I went into a full-on charge and headbutted his side. I then followed this with many heroically epic moves, which are too heroically epic to describe. The great oaf finally fled, ultimately jumping out of the balcony to get away from my awesome awesomeness. The rest of the pirates then followed, rushing down the stairs or mimicking the Skeith.

The nobles living at the Altadorian palace then began to come out from the more sheltered areas of the building. They swarmed, asking all of us if we were alright, but mainly focusing their attention on Flair. The attendant assured them all that we were fine, and they then praised Flair and not me for "somehow ridding us of those villainous scum."

This shows that all's Flair in love and war.


Alice and Flair folded up the "palace" (a large cardboard box with notches cut in the top for crenels and foldout drawbridge).

"Well, that was a fun game. Wasn't it, Flair?" the former said with a smile. "We should do something like this again tomorrow!"

The Peophin nodded, and then the sisters went off into their respective rooms. I paced in a few circles and curled up in my Petpet bed. Another knight's hard day...

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