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Petpet Name: Flying Mint Bunny
Owner: xxxmagiabellexxx
Pet Name: Mikozuki
Breed: Green Snowbunny

About Flying Mint Bunny:
Mikozuki the baby Bori sighed. She'd come to the Wintery Petpet shop to look around, in hopes that there would be a furry friend for her there. So far, however, nothing had interested her. All of the Petpets were either sleeping or busy playing with others. She sighed again and looked sadly at the floor.

That's when he came from above.

No, that's not very correct. He didn't gracefully soar down and land with a gentle plop.

He came soaring in, as if being thrown from a catapult, and landed on her face like a tomato -- a white, furry tomato.

Perhaps it was the cold that prompted the little Snowbunny to attack the baby Bori's face, or maybe he had really been thrown from a catapult, who knows.

Mikozuki started to scream shrilly. "Get it off, get it off!" she squeaked. The Snowbunny, frightened by Mikozuki, began to squeal as well. It was a comical sight -- the baby Bori crying about the Snowbunny on her face and the Snowbunny crying because of the weird baby beneath it.

The Snowbunny, probably bored of the game, hopped off the Bori's face and examined her. The baby sniffled and looked at the Petpet now at her paws.

She saw two big and soulful eyes looking at her in curiosity. The Snowbunny wiggled its little nose and tail playfully.

The Bori smiled a tiny bit.

“Hewwo,” she greeted shyly. The Snowbunny squeaked, alarmed that thing could talk, and curled up in a little ball. Mikozuki yelped. What had she done?!

She tentatively poked the furball. It didn't stir.

She poked it again. Once more, it didn't move.

She pouted. “Mithter Thnowbunny, awe you okay?”

She yelped again when the Petpet poked its head up and gave an affirmative squeak.

Mikozuki picked the Snowbunny up. “Oh, Mither 'Bunny, I'm tho thowwy I wath in youw way.”

The Snowbunny squeaked again. Mizuki giggled and patted its head.

“Whewe did you come fwom, Mither 'Bunny?” she asked it, “Thewe ithn't woom hewe fow you to jump on Neopeth.”

The Snowbunny didn't reply, only sweetly blinking its eyes and nudging Mikozuki with its moist, tiny nose.

Mikozuki giggled again, hugging the Petpet close to her. “You'we tho cute, Mither Flying Bunny!” She turned her head. “Mommy,” she called, “I want thith one!”

* * *

Now dubbed Flying Bunny, Mikozuki skipped along back to her Neohome, her little friend riding on her back.

She stopped suddenly. “Oh, but Flying Bunny, you need to be colowed! You can't jutht be white!” she hummed, thinking. What color should Flying Bunny be? She wanted it to be a color she liked; maybe the shade of a candy, because she loved sweets as much as her new Petpet!

“Ooh, I know!” she exclaimed after a bit. “Flying Bunny, you would look lovely gween colowed, the thame colow ath mint, which ith yummy!”

* * *

Mikozuki could barely hold her excitement as she gripped the Green Petpet Paint Brush. Flying Bunny couldn't either, because he was hopping around in circles and wagging his tail as if he was a happy Warf.

“Okay, Flying Bunny, get in the puddle,” the Bori instructed. Flying Bunny did. He plopped down, still waggling his bottom.

“Hewe goeth!” Mikozuki said, and then she began to paint the Petpet with her brush. His white fur turned a gorgeous mint color where she stroked him. Squealing giddily, Mikozuki continued to paint her Snowbunny until he was all green.

Once done, Mikozuki beamed, hugging the green Snowbunny. “Flying Mint Bunny!” she giggled, “You'we the betht, Flying Mint Bunny!”

He squeaked.

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