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Petpet Name: Noi
Owner: caballine
Pet Name: Capercaeli
Breed: Naleap

About Noi:
There are three things in all Neopia that I utterly dislike: dung furniture, Meepits (a long story for another time), and rain. Oh, how I hate the rain! It's so cold and wet, and it makes my feathers all damp. You can try to persuade me by telling me that it makes the flowers and trees grow, but let's face it, in this day and age, so can a watering can. Rain makes the sky grey and the clouds weep, and it was on a rainy day that my old owner thought it'd be a good idea to toss me outside in a cardboard box.

Two weeks! I've been sitting in this awful box for two whole weeks! The worst part? Cardboard gets all smelly and soggy if you leave it out in the rain, and its been raining since the very day I was sentenced to this cell. I know what you're probably thinking: "Why doesn't she just fly out?" Well, I'd love to see you fly out of a box with soaked feathers that feel like they weigh fifty pounds.

Ouch! Oh, great... hail. Eep! I raise my wing above my head, but it doesn't help. I look around frantically for any part of the box that could offer any shelter. Outside, Neopets are running around looking for a dry place to stay in for a while. The crowd of the marketplace quickly shrinks until the paths are empty and the shops are full. Inside, shopkeepers run around excitedly, taking every possible advantage of the storm that is forcing dozens of potential customers into their stores. Nobody sees my box. Nobody sees me.

Finally, I back into a corner. My prison is out in the open, leaving me no protection from the ice. The hail keeps falling and the temperature is noticeably dropping. A torn flap on the box starts to wave violently. At least this old box shields me from the wind. I tuck my head into my wings and fall into a restless sleep.

The noise of the marketplace wakes me. I open my eyes, quickly closing them again due to sunlight that I had almost forgotten exists. I open my eyes again, slowly this time, allowing myself to take everything in. The sun is warm on my face, and all around me are faces of eager Neopets, many of them turned to their owners. What is it that they're saying?

"Please, can I have that one?" That one? What one? This place is pretty far from a store. That's when I finally figure it out, after noticing all of the stares and the pointing. They all want me! They want to take me home! Yurbles and Chias and Lupes -- they all want to be my friend! My heart is racing, and I want to scream with joy as an Usul happily stretches out her arms to welcome me into her family.

A flash of lightning and a roll of thunder shock me awake. Oh, great. A reality check. I sigh deeply and suddenly feel something warm on my face. It's not the comforting warmth of the sun, and I soon recognize it to be a tear. A tear! No, I've gone this long without crying, I won't start now! It's of no use, however. In a matter of seconds, I find myself bawling my heart out. The heat of my tears doesn't last, and soon they freeze to my cheeks the moment they escape my eyes. It stings something terrible, but I can't bring myself to stop. My world has been cast in darkness.

Wait a minute! Darkness? I didn't mean that as a metaphor. I pull myself together long enough to notice a dark shadow cast upon me. I look up and see... a cloud? Great, I'm seeing fluffy white clouds in the middle of storms. Now I've lost it. I have officially gone mad.

Suddenly, the cloud reaches for me. I'm paralyzed now, frozen in fear. Before long I'm swept off my feet and into the arms of this strange cloud. Oh great, this is it! The end... my doom! I feel so cold! Hmm... no, that's not quite it. I've felt this before. This warmth, like the warm touch of the sun. A sense of calmness overwhelms me, and I look into the eyes of my captor. Wait a minute -- a cloud? With eyes? Now I'm sure that I'm seeing things. I hold my head back, trying to get a better view of this cloud-thing.

Amazing! Is it really true? This cloud is really a cloud-painted Neopet, a Gnorbu, to be precise. I gasp, a little louder than I wanted to.

"Hello there, little one. I'm Capercaeli, but call me Caper." His voice is sweet, and I allow myself to be consumed by trust.

With me in his arms, the Gnorbu walks into a nearby shop. He grabs a towel off a rack and dries my feathers, earning him a frightening glare from the shopkeeper. The cold melts away, and I am so delighted that I quickly find myself chirping and singing at the top of my lungs. Caper chuckles softly and looks down at me.

"You're quite noisy, aren't you? Hmm, I'd call you Noisy, but it seems a little odd. What about Noi?"


I'll leave that translation to you.

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