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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Seht
Owner: mistyqee
Pet Name: Mystyqee
Breed: Ghost Anubis

About Seht:
I received Seht many, many years ago, back when I was younger (not too many years ago, mind you!). I had been living in the family home with my sister, but the previous year we had gotten into an argument and she'd decided to leave. She had never been the type to simply sit by and live the life of a proper lady; in fact, she was quite the opposite -- I found out several months after she left that she had assigned herself to a life of piracy, sailing the five Neopian seas while pillaging, plundering, and doing all the things we were brought up never to do.

I disagreed with it all, obviously, but she was still my sister, and her absence made my heart ache. At the time she was my only friend, and I didn't hear from her until about a year later.

It was the month of Swimming, and being twins, I shared a birthday with my sister on the 23rd. We were never too interested in big parties, but it was always a treat to buy the finest birthday cake we could find down at the Bakery and share it between ourselves. The previous year we had a Deluxe Chia Cake, and my mouth still waters at the thought of all the layers of custard and cream it had -- it was such a big torte that we had to eat the leftovers for dinner, too! Alas, however, the following year I bought an iced cupcake -- a substantial downsize, but anything bigger and I wouldn't have been able to eat it all by myself.

I remember being mostly alone on that day; I went down to the shops and had lunch at a cafe, but I was by myself. I thought maybe a picnic would be nice, but it was a bit awkward to have one just for me. After I had gone shopping, I returned home. Some birthday cards had come in the mail, but as I made my way up the pathway to the doorstep, I found a rather large box sitting on the welcome mat, waiting for me. There were holes in it, and I could hear movement inside. The box was addressed to me and came with a handwritten note; I recognised the writing immediately -- it was from my sister. I hadn't heard from her in so long... I set my things down immediately and sat on the doorstep, eagerly opening the box.

As soon as I did, out jumped a bright blue Anubis pup, yapping excitedly. He moved closer to me, sniffing my dress and my hands, and while he did so I noticed that he had a note attached to his collar. I tried to reach for it, but as I did, he noticed and ran back several paces, his tail still wagging excitedly. I stood up and took a few more steps toward him, but he happily ran off down the grassy hill and along the side of the house, as though playing a chasing game.

Thinking quickly, I headed back to the front of the house and made sure the gate was shut so that he couldn't run off down the street, because that would have been quite a disaster. After doing so, I just had to go and find him in the backyard -- but being such a big house, our backyard is about the size of five Yooyuball fields. I was not about to approach this unprepared, so I put my groceries away in the kitchen and then headed out with a nice, wide-brimmed hat and the best in Petpet food I could muster... some leftover Chicken from the fridge. By then it was about mid-afternoon, so I tried to find the little Anubis as quickly as I could -- after all, it would be a lot harder to track him down at night. I started in the back gardens and worked my way up from there.

It took me about 40 minutes, but I managed to find him hiding behind some shrubbery -- digging a rather large hole. He saw me and ran to greet me, licking my hands, although he was terribly dirty and smelled like he had rolled in something. I patted him and rubbed his belly, but agreed that we would both need a wash when we went back into the house. I held the leftover Chicken in my hand, and he followed me, so I led him back into the house. Getting him to have a bath was another adventure entirely, so I'll just say that it took a lot longer than it should, and by the end of it, he was clean, and I was the one who was soaked and needed a bath.

It was only when I was settling down into bed later that night, with the Anubis curled up around my feet, that I remembered the note that was around his collar. It hadn't been there when I had found him, so it must be lost somewhere in the garden. I sat up, pondering whether I should go out and look for it, but the Anubis looked over at me, rather concerned, and I decided it would be better to start looking in the morning.

I did go looking the next day for it, but as I said, our backyard is quite large, and I didn't end up finding it. I did, however, discover that the Anubis was quite fond of our large garden, and he delighted in chasing various Draphlys and an even some stray Urchulls we found in some of the trees. I gave up my search and decided to spend the rest of the day buying Petpet supplies in town, and I took the Anubis with me, who I nicknamed "Seht." By the time I got home, I had a few toys and props and a Petpet bed to assemble, along with a few books to read about desert Petpet care. By this point, the note had quickly slipped my mind.

It wasn't until a few weeks later, when I was walking through the garden with Seht, that I found it. It was nearby where I had found Seht that day, and it seemed he had dug a few holes in the ground that day as well. He was digging one of them up when I noticed some paper sticking out through one of the dirt mounds. I walked over and picked it up, brushed some dirt off of the envelope, and read it.

"Sister," it said.
"I hope you are well. Have a Happy Birthday and have an extra slice of cake for me."

"I'm doing fine, so don't try to worry about me too much, alright? I know you disapprove of pirates, but I really do love being out on the open sea -- I am happy. I hope you are, too."

By this point, I had to stop and sit down, a little overcome with emotions -- I hadn't realised how much I really did miss her, it had been so long. Seht ran over to me and sniffed my hand; I smiled and stroked his back as he sat down beside me.

"I thought you might be a bit lonely in that big house all by yourself, so I got you a friend. He's not very smart, but he's pretty loyal, and if you treat him right, he'll never leave your side. I know he's not a good replacement for me, but hey, I think he has better table manners."

"I'm probably not going to come home anytime soon, but if I'm ever in the neighbourhood, I'll stop by. Stay safe until then, and remember that I love you."

After I read the note, I wiped some tears away from my eyes. Seht looked over at me and gave out a little whine, so I took some deep breaths, smiled again, and started stroking his back. Content, he wagged his tail and gave out a playful bark. I grabbed a nearby stick and threw it, watching him sprint across the grass to retrieve it, and then watched as he proudly trotted back to me, holding the stick in his mouth. I sat on the grass and played with him for a good while, and it soon cheered me up and I forgot my troubles.

I still don't hear from my sister very often, but I've had Seht to keep me company ever since -- even though he wakes me up very early in the morning, and he will often lose his train of thought when he sees a Kadoatie or an Urchull, and I never seem to get my issue of The Neopian Times in one piece anymore. We have both gone through a lot and changed over the years, but he has never left my side, and I couldn't ask for a better friend. (:

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