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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ark
Owner: ravensley
Pet Name: Lord_of_Ravenley
Breed: Christmas Arkmite

About Ark:
Most Neopets have fond memories of when they first met their loyal companion. Sadly, that is not the case for me. As you’ll find out soon enough, my first encounter with my little companion was anything but good. In fact, it was just downright miserable.

It all started with a younger sibling’s excitement to go visit the Advent Calendar, which for those not in the know is located in Terror Mountain. No big deal, you say? Well, let me tell you -- having wind pelt snow in your face while you wait to approach the calendar is a rather miserable experience, and that’s putting aside the whole trip there in the first place.

And so, there we were, waiting patiently in line, getting pelted by snow and being slowly transformed into snowmen. Having had enough of waiting in the cold and listening to senseless chatter, I turned around and headed home without the line having reached our turn. Sadly or luckily (depending on the circumstances), my sibling hadn’t.

As a result, I had no idea of the evil that would shortly be unleashed upon me. A few hours later my sibling returned home, laden with presents. With her, the moment of doom arrived.

You see, Ark was a prize brought home from the Advent Calendar, a Christmas Arkmite -- all nice and festive; a wee little thing. You'd have thought we would get along, both of us being confined to an aquarium and all, since neither one of us could stay in the open air for long. Lo and behold, however, Ark was a total nightmare!

Arkmites are guard fishes, right? They're supposes to guard all sorts of things and places. Well, now imagine one being placed in YOUR tank and then treating YOU as the intruder. THAT is how life with Ark was... not to mention that the amount of tiny whirlpools he caused was exorbitant! Plus, there's all of the bite marks that he gifted me. For such a tiny thing he was quite the pest!

Two days after having been gifted with the terror, Ark had managed to destroy my weed garden, my pebble collection, and my patience. Sharing a confined space with him was impossible, since he never let me be!

Finally, I got a reprieve in the form of a trip to the Lost Desert -- a week-long break from a gazillion tiny whirlpools and sharp teeth.

Sadly, upon my return, the little menace was even more convinced that MY aquarium was, in fact, HIS! And so, my life was once more filled with whirlpools and bites. Out of frustration, I hurled a Tchea Fruit that I had brought from my trip at Ark.

The speed with which he caught the fruit was outstanding! However, the speed at which his whole demeanour toward me changed was even more so. Who’d have thought that you had to feed him Tchea Fruits instead of normal Petpet food?

So then, ever since that fateful day, we have been getting along swimmingly... provided, of course, that I feed Ark lots of Tchea Fruits!

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