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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Vixie
Owner: peppreeka123
Pet Name: 96
Breed: Snow Kadoatie

About Vixie:
Many Neopians today simply don’t have an appreciation for zapped Petpets. They don’t consider us as “worthy” as the hand-purchased, hand-painted, and hand- fluffed- until- they-shine Petpets that they lavish millions of Neopoints on... such vanity! That does NOT mean we don’t deserve recognition as well, however. My name is Vixie and I’m here to tell you my story, and why zapped Petpets aren’t as dreadful as you think.

I was born as an Altachuck, and that’s how I was when I was adopted and given to 96, my beloved owner. Contrary to popular belief, I was NOT happy in my original form. My oversized paws were clumsy, my horns were awkward and abnormally heavy, and my fur was dreary shades of grey. All in all, I was not a happy sight, and nowhere close to being glamorous. I was, however, grateful that I now had a place to call home and didn’t speak up.

As time went on, though, subtle hints of my discontent began showing through. 96 was of a popular sort, and he would always bring me along wherever he went. Stopping to chat with various Neopians he would encounter, they would often cast questioning and sometimes even disgusted glances at me, as if wondering why he bothers with the likes of me. Their Petpets were of similar disposition, and would turn their pampered, snobby noses up at the sight of my floppy paws and odd horns. My ego took a devastating hit from its already sunken state, and I grew progressively more sullen.

One day, 96 noticed my unhappiness and stopped to question me.

“Vixie, I noticed that you’ve been looking gloomy a lot lately. Are you alright? Is something wrong?”

His questioning eyes prodded me and the mounting weight of every negative comment that’s ever been directed at me finally spilled over.

“Yes! I don’t feel like I’m supposed to be an Altachuck! I’m constantly stumbling over my own paws -- even compared to other Altachucks -- and my horns feel abnormal and weird. Everyone always look at me funny, and it doesn’t help that you’re such a social butterfly!” I snapped at him, and wriggled around to prove my point. In hindsight, I can’t believe how rude I must've sounded.

He surprised me by chuckling in reaction.

“I think I know just the thing for you.”


The next day was both the first and the last day that I was subjected to the much-renowned Petpet Laboratory. I had heard rumours of its deadly powers and I was quite terrified, but 96 assured me that nothing bad was going to happen. I had full faith in 96, so I nodded my consent to proceed. He greeted the wild-eyed Kookith operating the dishevelled machine and, the next thing I knew, I was standing under a large fizzling ray.

A moment later, I opened my eyes to a tingling sensation throughout my body. I was suddenly aware of how perfect and right I felt. My paws were soft and light, my horns were gone, and replacing my ears were orange horns that felt sensitive yet strong. My plumed tail was long and elegant, and I felt a new sense of grace like never before.

“...looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.” The mad Kookith was wondering aloud at the entrance, gaping at me with his swivelling eyes in amazement. I padded over, consciously graceful as I swished my tail back and forth across the wire-littered floor towards 96.

As he saw me, he broke into a wild grin.

“What an astonishingly beautiful snow Kadoatie I see. How do you feel, Vixie?”

“I feel PERFECT,” I purred in reply.


I was never taken to the Petpet lab ever again; its purpose has been fulfilled. From that day on, I’ve always remained the snow Kadoatie I am now. The loathing glares I received have now turned to admiring appraisals, but more that that, I feel like I finally have a place in Neopia. Gone are my awkward movements, and I’ve finally found happiness, all thanks to the Petpet lab. Not that all Petpets are meant for zapping -- my story from it, however, is a happy one, and with it I hope I've proven that zapped Petpets (previously much too underappreciated) are just as important in Neopia as any other.

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