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Petpet Name: Grumble
Owner: dreamfeather365
Pet Name: Pylt
Breed: Gruslen

About Grumble:
Complaining and trouble were common in the Dre household, and they definitely were not unheard of outside of the home.

Pylt was complaining, eyes glowing, while Traof was misbehaving, his fur almost on fire...

The rebellious magma Cybunny grinned mischievously toward the Uni, picking up another abandoned stick from the untampered earth with his claws and lobbing it swiftly into the undergrowth, its peeling wood hissing and glowing a weak red from the heat of the Cybunny’s paws as it was thrown through the air.

“What are you trying to do, set the whole of Geraptiku alight?!?” the Uni’s mechanical voice hissed as the robot snorted huffily at her brother’s immature actions to emphasize her displeasure.

“I’m only trying to get those cowards that are too scared to come out away from the trees!”

She was not about to let her brother burn down Geraptiku!
“There’s nothing in there. Geraptiku’s been deserted for years.”

The defiant Cybunny ignored this, continuing to toss more steaming sticks into the clump of wild vegetation at the edge of the deserted city.

As always, nobody was here on this rather drab grey morning. Nobody was even on the beach that edged right around Mystery Island where they lived and had traveled from early this morning. That was hardly odd, though -- Neopians tended to despise grey skies.

They were only on their way to the training school -- an everyday journey that never involved trekking through Geraptiku. Traof, however, had other plans.
Their owner, Dre, had desperately tried to dispose of him early this morning so that she could work on refurbishing their Neohome.

Everybody knew troublemaker was Traof’s middle name.

Pylt looked around desperately, extremely apprehensive about her surroundings. Even if there was a trace of sun, it wouldn’t shine here. She nudged her brother.
“We should really get back...” Pylt said, voicing her concern. “Dre said to go out for just a little while...”

Her voice faltered when the rustle of a falling stick through the undergrowth was suddenly answered by a larger, louder rustle nearby.

A split second later, a ball of black and orange sprang out from the city’s shrubbery, pouncing fiercely at them. The now not-so-brave Cybunny shrieked in alarm.

Her brother was a conundrum. Despite being the troublemaker, he was a wimp when it came to situations he didn’t anticipate.

Pylt being Pylt, however, just stood staring curiously ahead of her at the big ball that had tumbled rather inelegantly in front of her.

The black and orange ball scrambled up from the dirt floor, shaking itself rid of the dust and proceeding to growl aggressively at the intruders, fluffing up its tail. The creature grumbled a low growl at the Cybunny, narrowing its dark eyes at him.

Looking down at her cowering brother, who had his eyes shut tight, Pylt laughed. It was robotic and didn’t sound like a laugh, but it was a laugh all the same.

“Hey, it’s just a Gruslen.”

At that very moment the grumpy Gruslen, having spent some time sizing up its intruders, launched yet another attack attempt, pouncing through the air to latch itself onto Pylt’s hoof. The Uni looked down slowly in surprise. The Gruslen had its claws entangled around the metal of her large Uni hoof, and had attached its whole body tightly around the circumference of the hoof. All Pylt was worried about was how the Gruslen’s claws were scratching her paintwork.

Her brother, on the other hand, was a little more worried, staring at the creature in disgust.

“Another Trading Post escapee, probably,” Pylt sighed.

“Another avatar reject,” Traof mocked with less sympathy than his fellow sibling, though still eying the creature cautiously.

The robot Uni carefully lifted up the occupied hoof and gave it a gentle shake, but the Gruslen didn’t make any attempt to unlatch itself. It continued clinging on, its tail swishing in what was probably annoyance.

She glanced back at her brother. If this simple little Petpet was daunting him, then the idea amused Pylt.

One look at the feisty little Gruslen made up Pylt’s mind for her. The Petpet looked up cheekily at her through its fuzzy orange fur, gave a mumble, and settled down again. Maybe this little creature wouldn’t be so bad.

If he won’t get off then maybe she didn’t have a choice?

“I’m taking him home,” she decided at last. The black and orange ball of fluff grumbled softly as Pylt turned away... and stayed firmly attached to her all the way back, where the feisty little Gruslen was welcomed home.

Funnily enough, this very Gruslen has been sharing his grumbling with us ever since.

As far as I was concerned, looks could be deceiving, but despite destroying our Neohome and wandering off at least a dozen times, he does -- and only ever -- listens to the robot Uni... loyalty at its best.

The grumbling was his trademark sound, so we decided on an appropriate name for him -- Grumble, of course. Now, maybe his grumbles are a token of affection?

Who knows with Petpets?

Sometimes, Pylt still does wonder whether she should be thanking her unruly brother for the little “accidental discovery” at Geraptiku all those years ago that eventually gave her a best friend.

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