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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Demeter
Owner: pahbee
Pet Name: VinrAelfakyn
Breed: Spyder

About Demeter:
My eyes adjust to the dark gloom of the backstage area we were to wait at. Other Petpets are all around us, either with their owners or giggling with other Petpets. I shake on all six of my hairy legs, sparing none but a single glance at my owner. I was normally tough -- proud to be a Petpet that was never afraid to go down the Symol Hole or even to wake the Turmaculus. So much for that. With ghoulish wings, green eyes, and brown-and-white fur, my owner Vinr looked every part a champion. Why hadn't we gone to the Pet Spotlight, then, instead of Petpet Spotlight?

I almost began to regret gaining a level in Petpet Battles, which was what had prompted Vinr to enter me in the contest. What is it about me that is so special? Absolutely nothing; I don't even know how to present myself.

Well, I suppose, nothing except for luck. I didn't tell anyone, but my opponent's owner, Roxalia, had been shouting insults at me for my entire last Petpet Battle match, and it was only the sweat on my hairy head that had caused Hamilton the Snorkle to slip and expose some vulnerability. Rushed thoughts whirl around in my head, and I finally give up; my legs collapse underneath me. I then manage to stand again, quivering nervously and looking every bit about to bolt.

Vinr lowers his head down to Spyder-level. "You know," he informs me, "you don't have to be nervous. Think of when we first met."

I think about the first time I was brought to Vinr. I had been escaping from the last house I'd inhabited, and had run into Vinr doing one of his dailies -- the Wheel of Excitement. When I scrambled up his back then, he managed to kick me with one of his strong hind legs and I was knocked out like a lightbulb. In spite of my nervousness, I cock a barely-visible Spyder eyebrow. Rolling his eyes in his wild way, Vinr whinnies in loud amusement.

"Or when we played Cellblock together. You are the most clever Spyder. You remember that, don't you?"

I think of that, and a lopsided smile emerges beneath my sharp fangs. That had been fun. We had already achieved a runners-up trophy, but were determined not to stop until we'd gotten more. We raised an awful ruckus in the prisoners' cells, mostly because I was small enough to scurry under the board and between the bars, along with stealing all of the bread.

My mood lifted, I begin to purr a bit. Vinr laughs. "Don't you go all Dor on me."

I chuckle right along, making clicking sounds with my pincer. Dor was the Petpet, a Bazatlan, of Vinr's brother Qantuin. I played with Dor all the time, and we are both nocturnal.

I look at all of the other contestants, sniffling -- fluffy, pampered Petpets with little upbringing other than a sack of Neopoints to roll around in. I see a Warf in an oversized pink dress, who had been ambling confidently until he tripped on the satin fabric, landing with an ungraceful thump. It was a clean thump all the same, as the floors were neatly swept. As I stand, I notice the resemblances between all of the Petpets and their owners: a snow Buzz with an Abominable Snowball. A baby pteri with a Rock Petpet. I then wonder how the Pteri and Rock pair even got in the building. I smirk arrogantly. My thick black coat and Vinr's brown-and-white fur are not in total agreement, but at least we don't look like a comedy duo.

Nobody ever enters Spyders in Petpet contests anymore. It must be because we're common, and don't possess the standard cuteness of, say, Babaas. I look at Vinr, head held high without an edge of hesitation. I am proud to be the Petpet of a champion, and I think that I know how to present myself now.

"Ladies and gentlemen..." comes the announcement. I shift up eagerly, pincers clicking faster than before. My eyes widen with overflowing excitement....

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