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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Paws
Owner: heathersis
Pet Name: Batsy_Batsy__18
Breed: Noil

About Paws:
Some people think we Noils are vicious and mean. Well, how would you feel if we called YOU mean? It's not true! We're nice and as cuddly as a Kadoatie... and less expensive, too!

My name is Paws. I'm probably the most energetic Noil Petpet you could find in your neighborhood! My origin begins in a colourful little shop in the marketplace.

It all started many years ago (well, at least it feels like many years ago) on just another average day in the shop. The Wocky shopkeeper was stacking books and foods, getting ready to open the store.

I was sitting in a cage on the shelf next to a Babaa and a Puppyblew. Now, I understand we Noils are nice, but we absolutely LOATHE Puppyblews! Anyway, as I always did, I watched all of the Neopets go by as they looked for something to buy.

There was always a pattern when they walked into the store. They would come, admire one thing, buy it, and then leave. It was always the same. Usually no one would be looking to buy me, because I was too expensive.

Then, one day, a glowing Korbat that was whistling came into the shop. He waved and then gave the Wocky a hug. The Korbat then went into the Petpet section, looking for a suitable petpet.

He stopped over at my cage and stroked my flowing mane, then looked at his bag of Neopoints. Sadly, he only had 10,000 NP. Alas, my price was twenty-eight thousand Neopoints.

He looked at me again and told me that he would be back one day, even if it were the day after the end of time. I knew he would come back. I just knew.

I waited for day upon days, weeks upon weeks. Unfortunately, he never came back. Then, a rich-looking red Korbat came in. He was not the glowing Korbat, and I knew what was about to happen. As I expected, he looked at me and told the Wocky that he wanted to buy me.

No! No! I said to myself. I need to wait for the glowing Korbat! I continued. I tried to keep the tears in my eyes from pouring out. As soon as he took me out, the Wocky noticed that the red Korbat was attempting to pay for me with counterfeit Neopoints.

The Wocky exiled the Korbat, forbidding him from ever returning to his shop. I sighed with relief when that happened. The next day, the glowing Korbat finally returned. My ears perked up when I heard the little bell on the door ring.

I sang with joy and happiness when he took my cage over to the checkout. He finally took me home, and after years (or, at least what had seemed like it!) in that shop in the middle of the marketplace, I had finally been bought by a Neopian.

The Korbat looked at my collar. The inscription read, "This is Paws the Noil. Take care of him and love him forever." I smiled at him and licked his face.

So, that's my story! I hope you liked it! No, really, that's the end! Seriously? You wouldn't like it if I got angry! OKAY! GOODBYE! THERE'S NO MORE!!! Bye! :)

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