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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Athens
Owner: dandilion_crucifix
Pet Name: Apollo
Breed: Flerper

About Athens:
"Why won't he attach to me!" Athens whined, reaching out his paw and slamming it angrily against the ground as he sniffed in annoyance. The culprit, a Glyme Petpetpet, looked at the small Flerper with fear and started to move away from him as fast as his slimy body could go.

"NO!" Athens yelled. He jumped over the Glyme and towered over him. "Stay! Attach to me! We've been trying for months! Why is it so hard?"

The extremely upset Flerper waved his paws wildly in front of the Glyme; he walked circles around the Petpetpet and sat down on the grass in a huff.

"Maybe it's because he doesn't like you!" Athens's uncle Khaspier teased, not even looking up from the book he was reading.

Athens whimpered, then laid his head on his paws and watched his Petpetpet intensely.

Athens's owner Apollo laughed and walked over to his Petpet. He petted his head and sat down beside him. They both watched the Glyme slide around, indifferent to how much grief he was causing his new owner.

"You know, Athens," Apollo said with a small smile. "There was a time when you didn't want to be my Petpet."

Athens's eyes widened; he was a few years old now, so old that he had even won an award for it a few months prior. He didn't remember that far back!

"Really?" he said, surprised. Apollo nodded, then picked a bit of grass from the ground and put it in front of the Glyme's mouth. The Glyme looked at him unblinking before slowly starting to eat it.

"You wouldn't stay with me at all. All you would do was hide under the bed and shake." Apollo explained. "You didn't want anything to do with me in the least."

Athens watched as his owner gently fed the Glyme. "What did you do?"

Apollo reached into his pocket and brought out a piece of pumpkin cookie that he had in a bag. He broke off a piece and gave it to Athens.

"I was patient; I was calm... and that helped you to be calm, too." He explained, "I sat beside the bed for hours, talking to you nicely, pushing Pumpkin Cookies under the bed and just letting you know that I wasn't anyone you should be afraid of."

"Oh..." Athens said, then frowned as he looked at the ground and started to feel ashamed about his outburst from a few minutes ago. He broke the piece of Pumpkin Cookie into smaller bits and popped one into his mouth. It was his favourite food, and now he realized why.

Athens thought for a second, took a piece of the cookie, and outstretched his paw, putting it a few inches in front of the Glyme's face.

The Glyme's eyes blinked slowly. He hesitated at first, but then slowly slid his way toward Athens's hand. He sniffed the Pumpkin Cookie and took it from Athens.

Athens smiled, and tried to hold back an excited squeal. "There you go... I'm sorry for yelling at you; you don't have to be scared. You're a part of a great family now."

As it ate the cookie, the Glyme's purple flower petals shook with glee. It then started to slide toward Athens, wanting to have some more.

Apollo laughed and got up, then petted his Petpet on the head.

"It still might take him a while to attach to you, but I know you have nothing to worry about." Apollo smiled and then said, "Happy Birthday, Athens, and here's to many more."

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