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Petpet Name: Wannabe
Owner: teamshannon
Pet Name: Lemoncurd
Breed: Pile of Soot

About Wannabe:
Wannabe listened intently. Well, as intently as he could with no ears to speak of. He got up from his bed and crept downstairs, very carefully. Of course he made no sound on the wooden floors, apart from maybe a slight scuffling, but he was being especially cautious; he didn’t want to ruin the surprise!

You see, Wannabe was a lab Petpet. He had been a few different species and colours, but he knew what his owner, Lemoncurd, wanted most. Every day they would trot merrily along to the Petpet Lab Ray, clinging to their positive thoughts.

"Today's the day!" Lemoncurd would say optimistically before they entered the terrifying realm of the Kookith. That place scared Wannabe terribly, but he'd do anything for Lemoncurd. After all, they were best friends, and he himself wanted to be yummy chocolate, too.

But, alas! Every day they would leave dismayed, for Wannabe was still a Pile of Soot and still felt like a big disappointment to his doting owner.

"Don't be too hard on yourself, Wannabe," Lem would say, trying to be cheery. "We'll both get our dream of being chocolate one day, don't you worry."

Well, Wannabe had had enough, and it was his intent to make that day today, so he made his way to the kitchen, trying to remember where everything he needed was kept. As quietly as he could, he manoeuvred a chair next to the fridge and opened the handle. There they were -- all of the ingredients he would need to make Lemoncurd's dream come true. Without hesitation he grabbed the chocolate sauce and covered himself in it from head to soot. Next was the dollop of whipped cream for on top of his head, and then for the finishing touch: the glacier cherry. Perfect!

Wannabe had no idea what he looked like, but he knew that he must look at least similar to a chocolate Petpet, so he closed the fridge with satisfaction and made his way to the kitchen table, where he knew everyone would meet for breakfast. He smiled with glee at the thought of what Lemoncurd's face would look like when he saw what he had done!

It was still dark outside, and Wannabe was wondering when the family would make their way downstairs. He began to yawn, and his eyes began to close of their own accord. Before he knew what had happened he was fast asleep and dreaming that he was stuck in a very large puddle of sludge for some reason...

Morning came, and Lemoncurd was first to the kitchen for breakfast.

"What is THAT?!" he squealed, spotting the congealed brown and white mess on the table.

Unfortunately for Wannabe, he had timed his surprise rather early in the night; the chocolate and cream had melted, so much so, in fact, that you couldn’t even see the sleepy Pile of Soot underneath. He awoke with a start and, unable to move, cried out in panic. Only then did Lemoncurd realise his pal was under all of the goo.

"Oh, what have you done Wannabe?" he sighed, scooping up the cream-covered Petpet in his arms. "Did you do this for me?"

Wannabe looked down and squeaked, ashamed.

"Don't be sad, Wannabe," Lemoncurd said with a smile. "What you tried to do was sweet, but I love you no matter what you look like. Both our dreams will come true eventually; we just have to be patient. Now, let's get you cleaned up and go to get some breakfast. I know, anything but chocolate!"

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