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Petpet Name: Treasure
Owner: indisama
Pet Name: Raziel_Grymm
Breed: Snowbunny

About Treasure:
Way back in Year 4, Treasure remembers being given away as an Advent Calendar gift, along with all of her brothers and sisters. Joyful and full of hope, she was eager to be loved and give love in return. It wasn't long until Treasure had found a different fate for herself, though. Soon enough she was tucked away in a Gallery, taken care of like a treasure but never truly loved. She longed to be snuggled and kissed, but she was merely admired and groomed without care. She lived like this for years, like a princess tucked away in a castle tower. How she longed for the day her prince would find her.

Then, one night, a crafty Hissi thief broke in and stole away with all the valuables in the Gallery. At the last moment, seeing the small Petpet in its cage, he stole away with Treasure as well! Terrified, Treasure could only hide under her bedding as her cage bumped along in the bag on the Hissi’s back as he silently took off into the night. This was definitely not what she had in mind for a prince! All Treasure could do besides be afraid was fall asleep from the long, quiet ride. After a time she was woken up by the sound of voices and she blinked awake as her cage was brought out of the bag.

"Majere, what have we told you about these little 'liberation' sprees of yours?"

"I couldn't very well leave it behind, now could I, Captain?" the Hissi replied. The Snowbunny looked around at all the faces looking down at her. One face in particular then caught her attention -- that of a huge Lupe the size of Balthazar himself was staring down at her with rapt attention. His eyes were wide and his mouth was hanging open, as if in shock. He appeared to be very tough and rough looking. That is, until he spoke.

"Mum -- I mean, Cap'n -- may I hold her?"

Everyone turned to look at the Lupe in surprise, except for the human called Captain. "Shouldn't you be askin' Majere?"

Everyone then looked to the Hissi, who only shrugged, curling up to look into his bag of loot. Then with a grin and a nod from Majere, he heard the words he so longed for. "Go ahead there, mate. Got her for you."

The Lupe eagerly got down on all fours, his tail wagging. Carefully he opened the cage and looked down at the frightened Snowbunny. Very, very softly he whispered to her, "It’s alright, don't be afraid. I can already tell you're a precious treasure."

Treasure's fears melted, and she let herself be scooped out of the cage. He carried her so tenderly and petted her with such care. The others smiled as the Lupe snuggled her to his huge chest and they both sighed in contentment.

Ever since that day, Treasure has been snuggled and kissed on a regular basis. She's brushed and groomed with care and doesn’t spend her days lonely in a cage anymore. She gets to ride on Raziel's shoulder as he goes through his day and she never leaves his side. The little Snowbunny has never felt more like a treasure since the day she met her huge "prince" with the even bigger heart.

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