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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Henry
Owner: martia_elior
Pet Name: Elheanor
Breed: White Weewoo

About Henry:
Ours is quite the trivial story, because I found Henry in a Petpet shop, Little Nippers. The peculiar thing is how we chose each other.

As I am undead, I can't see colours at all. My world is made of black, white, and every shade of grey. It's quite sad and monotonous, I know, but I've gotten used to it. At the beginning, being colour-blind was a shock: I couldn't read shades and I had to guess which colour flowers were. Now, however, it has become so natural that I don't realize it anymore. I've always thought I am still lucky because I can at least admire lights and shadows: due to that, I prefer sunny days, when lights and shadows are more conspicuous. Shady days make me feel blue.

Anyway, one rainy and foggy day I was wandering aimlessly around Krawk Island, feeling lonely and lost; I was so depressed that I didn't even open my broken and patched umbrella, instead using it as a walking stick. Those around me were looking on with disgusted faces, as I didn't have a nice appearance: my skin was flaky and rotten, my eyes had neither pupils nor irises, my wings seemed to be chewed by rats, and my teeth looked crooked and cracked. Neopets skirted around me as if I were the boogeyman, and the weather wasn't helping at all, because of the greyness of the sky. I was surrounded by many shops, but I wasn't interested in buying anything, until suddenly I was attracted by the Little Nippers shop. I was close enough to the shop window that I saw some cages with many different Petpets through the glass. I can still remember that there were a couple of Quadrapi who were sleeping, a Pawkeet who was playing with a Mirgle, and a Pirakeet who was looking outside, right where I was. I suddenly thought that, if I found a friend, I would never feel so alone and blue again. Strong in my new certainty, I walked through the door and entered the shop, leaving a wake of water behind me as I was dripping wet. When I saw the vendor, Admiral Kyrwinne, talking to another customer, I started having a look around. I moved among the big cages, admiring all the different looking Petpets that were waiting for the right owner. They were all lovely, but grey to my colour-blinded eyes, unfortunately, and no one actually caught my attention. Moreover, looking in their eyes I had the feeling they were frightened by my zombie appearance and my repugnant stench. I tried to put my scrawny hand between some bars to stroke a Kateil, but it stepped back where my fingers couldn't reach. In a nearby cage a Barlow began whimpering, soon followed by all of the other Barlows. Looking at them, I started weeping silently; if Pirate Petpets were scared of me, what other Petpet could find me interesting? I was sad and disenchanted, thinking I would never find a little friend to take care of, when I heard a happy chirping behind me. In the middle of that climate of fear the singing seemed out of place to me, so I turned myself in the direction of that melody, curious to know where the song came from, and I set my eyes on a beautiful Weewoo in his aviary. It was so white that his feathers glared like a bright morning star and he didn't seem to find me scary. He was looking in my eyes while he continued chirping. He moved close to me and, in the same moment, I heard the voice of the shopkeeper behind me: "Give him some birdseed! That little Weewoo will be very happy with it.". When I looked at Kyrwinne, he was handing me a little bag full of seeds. I shyly smiled at him and, without saying a word, took some birdseed from the sack; as soon as my hand came close to the cage, that lovely and fearless bird rested on my fingers and started eating from my hand. Suddenly I realized that the Weewoo would be my perfect companion. "I'll buy it!" I said excitedly to the Admiral and there were no tears on my face anymore. He chuckled and told me the price; I put a bag full of dubloons into his hands and he gave me the aviary with the white and chirping Weewoo.

As soon as we left the shop, I opened the cage's door and Henry – as I had named him – came out of it, sitting on my skeletal shoulder. It was still pouring rain outside, but my mood was completely changed compared to when I had walked into the shop; I opened my broken umbrella to keep us dry and whispered to him, "I'm sure we'll do great things together!" Henry tweeted back to me as we vanished into the fog of Krawk Island.

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