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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Rebecca
Owner: keller_bloom
Pet Name: Lisa_Bloom
Breed: Seti

About Rebecca:
The sun has set and you shiver in response. You take back all those times you complained about the baking sun sweating you to the brink of dehydration. It’s dark now and cold, almost impossibly cold, but then you remember that the area surrounding you is made almost entirely of stone. The stone doesn’t appear to hold in the heat very well at all, and you suddenly remember why most native Tyrannians are clad in thick furs. They obviously knew something that you didn’t.

You can hear the distant thumping of music from the concert hall but cannot make out which direction it is coming from. You sigh heavily and keep plodding onward; you knew you were running late, but now you are lost, too! You hope that it’s only the supporting band you’re missing and not Jazzmosis - you had queued up for hours for those tickets.

A cold breeze rushes through the plateau; it feels icy to your mainly bare skin. It feels as though it has blown directly from Terror Mountain and had it not been so dark it wouldn’t have surprised you to have seen snowflakes fluttering in it.

Dark shapes loom ahead in the distance. For a moment your heart skips a beat and your stomach feels like it’s full of Carmarillers, but then you realise that it’s just some bizarre rock formation and not some pre-historic beast from Neopia’s past. You laugh at yourself out loud; the sound seems alien in this dark abyss and you realise how alone you feel, and how vulnerable.

Time to find some shelter; you’ll never make the concert now anyway, and it’s useless just wandering around Tyrannia not knowing the direction that you're travelling in.

You head toward a gathering of rocks nearby as the wind picks up, chilling you once more with its icy breath. The rocks seem to open out into a sheltered cave and you thank Fyora for having led you to safety and relative warmth. Just as you are about to step over the threshold of the cave’s entrance, however, you hear the pattering of tiny feet running across the plateau. They rush faster and faster, getting louder with every step until you hear a small growling sound and feel pain at your right ankle.

You look down, and for a moment cannot see the creature that is gnawing at your sock and ankle with a rather sharp set of teeth. Your eyes adjust to the gloom as you are attempting to shake the rather aggressive beasty from your leg. It appears you are being attacked by a Seti. The creature’s fur is so dark that you can barely distinguish the critter from the shadows that surround you, but occasionally you see the flashes of gold from the tops of its ears. Its little growls are muted because its jaws are wrapped around your ankle, dragging your leg away from the cave’s entrance.

“Stop that!” you snap at it. It immediately lets go and watches you silently. Just as you turn to step into the cave the Seti once again clamps its pin-like teeth into your ankle.

“Stop!” you yell at the top of your voice and the Seti once again stops, this time growling as it stares blankly at you. From behind you, inside the cave, comes an almighty roar. A beast much bigger, angrier, and more ancient than the tiny Petpet screams awake in the cave. You and the Seti cower in shock and awe of the primordial creature that you have just raised from its slumbers.

The Seti barks at you and walks away from the cave... you decide it’s best to follow it.

It leads you to a patch of rock further down the plateau that is sheltered from the wind. The Seti steps inside, then sniffs around for a moment before barking at you. You presume it must be safe to enter and sit on the hard floor, hugging your arms around you for some warmth. The Seti jumps into your lap and sits watching the horizon, a silent sentry surveying the darkness. You fall asleep, safe in the knowledge that you are protected from the cold Tyrannian night.

When you wake the next morning the little Seti is gone, leaving not so much as a paw print on the dusty floor to prove it was ever there at all. Silently you wish it well as you blink hazily into the bright Tyrannian sun.

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