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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Astron
Owner: cyroblaze
Pet Name: Llois
Breed: Starry Krawk

About Astron:
"Come on, Astron. We'll be late!"

I yawned and lifted my head an inch from my comfy Petpet bed. My owner, a baby Xweetok named Llois who was barely twice my size, was hastily shoving an armful of books and notebooks into her tiny backpack. Today is a school day. Why was she calling for me to hurry? Confused, I sat up and cocked my head.

"Today is show and tell!" Llois exclaimed with excitement. "Ms. Best told us that we could show off our Petpets today. Now, come on! We’ll be late!"

Llois zipped up her backpack and flung it over her shoulder. "Wait up!" she called to her older sisters, who were already hurrying out the door. She grabbed my arm and dragged me outside.

When we arrived at the school, Llois walked up to a tiny makeshift paddock in the school garden. Standing on tiptoes, she reached up and grabbed the handle. The gate swung open slowly with a soft creaking sound. There were already several Petpets wandering around inside. "In you go!" she said, nudging me inside. I looked back with uncertainty. "Don't worry, Astron. I'll come get you once show and tell starts." She skipped into the opened door of the school just as the bell started to ring.

I laid down on the cool grass in the paddock. My eyelids felt heavy, and I slowly drifted to sleep. I was awoken suddenly by a loud clamor. I could see a tall white Lutari, who must have been Ms. Best, over the top of the paddock fence. "Settle down, kids. Show and tell is about to start. Who wants to go first?"

"Me! Me! Me!" a chorus of voices shouted.

She bent over the top of the paddock and scooped up a plushie Angelpuss. Smiling sweetly, she said, "How about the owner of this lovely Angelpuss?"

"That's me!" called a voice. The voice then talked on excitedly about his little Angelpuss.

One by one, Ms. Best took the Petpets out of the paddock until I was the only one left. "There's one last little fellow in here." She bent over to pick me up.

"My Petpet is better than all of your Petpets combined!" I heard Llois brag.

"Yeah, right," a few voices muttered.

Ms. Best plucked me out of the paddock and set me down on the grass outside. All of the children stared at me wide-eyed and gasped. Several voices spoke up at once. "Is that a Krawk?" "I can’t believe it! How in Neopia did you get a Krawk?"

"Calm down, kids!" Ms. Best exclaimed.

Llois walked up to me proudly. "This is Astron, my Starry Krawk. He's the best..."

"Wait a minute!" A faerie Uni interrupted. She walked up to me and nudged Llois forcefully aside. “Just as I thought, this Krawk here was zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray." She pointed a hoof at the tiny yellow lighting bolt that was etched into the skin of my tail.

The other students got up, gathered around, and started to murmur. "It's true," one said. "This Krawk isn't so special after all." The faerie Uni smirked. Llois's lip started to quiver.

"That's enough! Class is resuming. Time to put the Petpets back into the paddock."

Ms. Best rounded up the Petpets, putting them back into the paddock and leading the class back inside. I laid back down on the grass and tried to relax, but thoughts of Llois's sad face flooded my mind. I was crushed by a wave of guilt. I wanted to make her happy, but because of me, she almost cried. I let out a deep sigh. Suddenly, a large shadow loomed above me. I looked up and saw a large blue Kougra and a red Lupe, both dressed in dark clothing, smiling ominously down on us.

"Hey, that wee little kid was right. They were having a Petpet show and tell at school today," the blue Kougra said in a low voice.

"And these Petpets aren't bad, either," the red Lupe said, snatching up a Snowbunny. The Snowbunny whimpered. He sneered and shoved it roughly into a large burlap sack. "These little kids really want to show off their expensive Petpets."

"Remember, we can't take all of the Petpets, so grab the most expensive ones."

The other Petpets, sensing danger, all huddled into a corner, but the Lupe and Kougra jumped over the fence and started to pick up some of the more expensive Petpets and shove them into big bags. A White Doglefox started to yip loudly. The blue Kougra hurried to snatch it up and it followed the rest of the Petpets into the bag.

"Lookie here, a Krawk! It must be our lucky day!" exclaimed the Lupe excitedly. He grabbed me by the tail and held me up. I dangled helplessly and tried to claw at him, but he just chuckled. I felt my skin tingle as if my molecules were starting to rearrange themselves. I started to panic. If this Lupe were to take me away, I would turn back into whatever I was before I became a Krawk!

The Kougra walked over to study me. "I knew it was too good to by true," he sighed, shaking his head. "Don’t take this guy."

"Why?" asked the Lupe.

The Kougra pointed at the lightning tattoo. "It's a zapped Petpet. It was probably something really cheap before it was zapped."

The Lupe muttered something angrily and dropped me to the ground. A wave of anger surged through me. I leaped up and bit down hard on the Lupe’s tail.

"Ow! Ow! Owwwww!" the Lupe howled. He hopped around clumsily and tried to shake me off.

The door to the school opened and Ms. Best stepped out. She took one look at the Kougra and the whimpering Lupe that was trying to tug me off of his tail and shouted angrily, "Thieves!"

The Kougra dropped his bag, jumped over the fence, and sprinted away. The Lupe tried to take his bag along, but he struggled under the weight. He dropped the bag as well and ran off after his companion. I let go of his tail and dropped painfully onto the ground outside of the paddock.

The students joined Ms. Best at the door. "What happened?" they asked. "What was that noise?"

Ms. Best walked up to the two wiggling bags and untied them. The Petpets stumbled out and raced toward their owners. "Well, it looks like two Petpetnappers tried to run off with your Petpets, but this little Krawk attacked them and saved all of your Petpets!”

All of the students turned to look at me. "Amazing!" one said. "I wish I had a Petpet like that!" cried another. Praises started to pour out from everywhere. Even the faerie Uni didn't look so snobby anymore. Llois ran up to me and hugged me hard. She was smiling wider than I had ever seen before. "I'm so glad to have a special Petpet like you, Astron!"

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