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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Silly
Owner: purplebee2000
Pet Name: SweetSugar491
Breed: Faerie Bluna

About Silly:
Silly started off life as a Spyder.

SweetSugar491, despite being a baby, wasn't scared when he first saw the little fuzzy thing in a special cage at the Neopian Petpet Shop. Silly was just a tiny baby at the time, too, and the last one in stock so the poor thing looked sad and lonely, which is why SweetSugar491 fell in love with him straight away and demanded that we take him home with us.

Silly would cling to the top of SweetSugar491's head and be carried everywhere he went; he loved it! I remember one time they both went through a "pranking" phase where Silly would crawl into some other Neopet's shoe or bag and wait until the grand moment when the unsuspecting victim would find him and scream, and they would both laugh about it!

Silly was always a mischievous, sneaky little creature. Like partners in crime, Silly would crawl under the doors at the concert hall in Tyrannia and let SweetSugar491 in through the side door, without even paying for tickets! When I found out that they did this I was quite mad, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Now they are both a lot more mature and have grown out of this, though.
Well I said Silly started off life as a Spyder, right? It’s how he got his name, Silly the Spyder! Makes perfect sense. A few months ago, however, Silly was eager to try out the Petpet Lab Ray.

SweetSugar491 and I were wary at first, due to the possibility that he might be turned into a Pile of Soot. Not only did we both breathe a sigh of relief when he was changed into a nice faerie Petpet, but his colours even matched SweetSugar491! It was perfect! Silly became the faerie Bluna he is today!

The only problem was that Silly could no longer crawl around, he had to swim. So from there on out we got him a goldfish bowl to travel around in.
SweetSugar491 now pulls him around on his blue skateboard in his goldfish bowl, instead of carrying him on his head like he used to!
As Blunas hail from under the ice caps of Tyrannia, Silly had to adapt to his new form. As a result, the temperature of the water in his bowl has to be ice cold, and it always cleaned out every day!

Those little pink wings may looks strong, but they are quite flimsy. Silly can only flutter them and leap out of the water flying for a short way, but it is quite unsafe for him to fly properly. He loves swimming and doing tricks just like a Flotsam! At least Silly can't really scare people anymore, but he still definitely has that mischievous personality.
His specialties now are jumping through hoops, swimming underwater for minutes at a time, weaving in and out of ice caps, and fetching things that SweetSugar491 throws into the water!

Also, whenever they get a chance, they sneak into the Healing Springs or the Rainbow Fountain so that Silly can have a sneaky swim. Okay, so maybe they're not TOTALLY mature.

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