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Petpet Name: Spade
Owner: filter
Pet Name: Ace
Breed: N-4 Info Retrieval B

About Spade:
Beginning life as a number doesn't afford you many chances to really make your mark on the world. The small N-4 Info Retrieval Bot was nothing more than a factory-created and well over-looked Space Petpet at the time of his creation. Who knew that a simple twist of fate would turn his tiny life around?

The crate was so cramped that the other Petpets, who'd been so feverishly tossed inside the bolted wood container, bumped into and crawled around the little N-4 Bot. His tough metal exterior kept him protected, but his plastic fins and long legs were constantly punished by the other small bots trying to keep their own spaces safe.

Being an N-4 Information Retrieval Bot, he had a very curious machine mind, always trying to acquire as much new information as he possibly could. His large telescopic eye briefly caught the shipping invoice plastered against the side of the crate before he was recklessly tossed in it. The little Bot knew that he and the other discarded Petpets were on their way to the Space Petpet shop in the Virtupets Space Station. It was such a simple little trip across space, yet in execution, it went so horribly wrong.

When the crate lurched off its lashings, connecting with another crate and splitting open, the N-4 Bot knew that this was an unexpected event. Still deep within the belly of a cargo ship, the crate that once kept the Petpets contained lay in ruins. Whirs and bleeps echoed throughout the cargo bay as the robotic Petpets scattered about. The second crate, a mere victim of the lumbering Petpet crate, was cracked and broken, spilling out packages and bottles of unappetizing space foods that were quickly plundered by the escaping Petpets.

The N-4 Bot was not interested in the food at all. What was much more interesting was why they'd been freed from their confines so much sooner than what was written on that invoice he'd spied. A rather hassled-looking Grundo came about, examining the cargo bay and the destruction that was now encroaching upon his once-clean ship. The distracted captain was easy to slip by as the small bot scrambled his long legs up to the pilot's seat and hopped onto the control panel.

Noticing movement on the view screen, the N-4 Bot examined it closely. Another ship, perhaps the one that caused this ruckus in the first place, was once again diverting itself towards the cargo ship. Hearing movement behind him, the N-4 Bot began to beep quickly as the Grundo approached. Drawing the Grundo's attention to the view screen, the N-4 Bot ducked out of the way as the Grundo quickly took control.

The Grundo began a conversation with the stranger on the view screen, an odd blue Zafara in a small silver ship who introduced himself as Ace Zafara. From the Grundo's tone, it seemed as if the entire event was just a rather large misunderstanding, yet it escalated into so much more very quickly. The Grundo became visibly worried as the conversation came to an end. The N-4 Bot examined the new image of a now larger and much more imposing spaceship bearing down on the simple cargo transport.

The new ship made promises of repairs and help through a short broadcast over the radio, yet the Zafara begged the Grundo not to listen. The last words transmitted through the radio were garbled, but "Space pirates!" clearly rang out. Grabbing the N-4 Bot, they made a dash for the cargo bay. With his mind distracted by what seemed to be yet another horrific turn of the day, the Grundo forgot about the melee of Petpets and sticky traps of food that would lay in his path. Tripping over an errant Avabot, the Grundo took a plunge into a nearby wall and knocked himself clean out.

That's when the N-4 Info Retrieval Bot watched as a glistening teleportation beam erupted across the cargo bay. With them, four rather burly space pirates ambushed the small ship and easily took its unconscious driver captive. Tucking himself into the Grundo's thick space jacket, the N-4 Bot hid as the pirates teleported the pair back to their rugged pirate spacecraft. The Grundo was bound and left, discarded within as he unwittingly slept.

The binds were easy to flay after the N-4 Info Retrieval Bot was sure they were alone. A tiny laser built into the bot's stout frame was easily hidden and completely undetectable, but very useful in situations like these. As the Grundo came around and the bonds were removed, the grateful Grundo stood to examine the room. The N-4 Bot had already gone as far as to do so, though, and quickly pointed out the room's only escape. A large grey panel that acted like a door took a good bit of thinking on the Grundo's part, but after figuring out that space pirates aren't very clever with their "intricate" passwords, escaping became a rather easy thing.

The Grundo dove back to collect up the small bot and quickly left the room just as the heavy door was closing behind them. It was rather good timing, too, for the space pirates had returned to collect their prisoner. As the Grundo captain hid within a small cubby in the long hallway, the pirates scrabbled amongst themselves about what to do. The captain dashed down the hallway and kept himself well out of harm's way.

The N-4 Bot watched as the Grundo examined each strange door along the way, finally deciding on one and carefully stepping inside. This large room was littered with crates of all sizes, though the Grundo seemed rather intent on a pair of crates that were discarded in the center of the room. While the Grundo was lost in his thoughts about these particular crates, the bot picked up more than the Grundo ever could. Someone was approaching the room. Whirring softly to carefully get the Grundo's attention, the N-4 Bot was ignored. He whirred again, trying to warn the Grundo, whose mind was too far away to care. The captain took notice when the tiny bot finally silenced, though, sensing that inevitable doom was approaching.

Finally taking notice, the Grundo ducked and rolled behind one of the crates just in time to hide from the being that approached the doorway. As the Grundo peeked out at the intruder, so did the N-4 Bot, taking note that a well dressed and rather obtrusive Krawk stood there, commanding the other pirates to the task of finding the errant Grundo. Noting that this might be the pirate ship's captain, the N-4 Bot ducked back away, cowering against his keeper. The bot canted his head as the Grundo seemed to tense up, ready to pounce at the pirates, but even that action was cut short as he was swiftly pulled back down.

Smiling back at the pair with his finger on his lips was the odd blue Zafara the N-4 Bot had seen earlier on the viewscreen. This must be Ace Zafara. The little bot scanned over the Zafara, taking notes. The Zafara caused the Grundo to calm, yet hopped up himself, taking a quick zap at an approaching Techo pirate and causing him to be encased in a thick coat of ice.

The two space pilots had a quick and strange discussion about the contents of the crates that seemed to have been pillaged from the Grundo's spacecraft. Once again it was the tiny bot that was the hero of the moment, though it was so hard to understand why he was whirring and beeping, trying to get the pair's attention. They thought it was about the strange crate they were discussing, however, especially when the conversation ended on the word "explosive."

Instead, it was the pirate captain looming in the doorway. From then on was a whirlwind, spinning even the head of the small N-4 Bot. The verbal exchange began between Ace Zafara and the pirate captain and ended in the blast of a laser and an ensuing explosion. The N-4 Bot huddled against the Grundo holding him tightly as the Zafara yelled the word "Go!" at them repeatedly. It was then that the bright light surrounded them as the Grundo threw himself upon the boxes and the three vanished from the pirate ship.

The N-4 Info Retrieval Bot took in his surroundings much faster then the Grundo could and noticed the trio were back upon the Grundo's own ship, in possession of the crates first stolen away from the Grundo. The cargo ship's pilot held the N-4 Bot tightly as he ran to the controls and sped his small ship quickly away from the space pirate's, which was now disabled and quickly leaking cargo and other bits from the large hold protruding from the side.

Once finally safe, the incredible yet short journey the Grundo and the N-4 Bot had been on together was drawing to a close. After all, the Grundo was a simple transportation servant, enjoying his life as a cargo ship captain. The N-4 Info Retrieval Bot could be so much more, though, and when the Grundo passed the small bot into the waiting hands of Ace Zafara, he knew he finally would be.

Ace bequeathed the name of Spade upon the little N-4 Bot, and since then, the two have been inseparable. If you ever look up into the night sky, keep your eyes out for a tiny silver ship zipping around the cosmos. It's Ace Zafara and his Petpet Spade off on yet another thrilling adventure.

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