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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Keeta
Owner: twilian_x
Pet Name: Arbihun
Breed: Lizark

About Keeta:
"Are you sure about this, Twilian?"

I looked over at my Lupe, seeing his eyes narrowed slightly in uncertainty. I sighed and gave him a reassuring smile, patting him gently on the head. "Trust me, Arbihun, it'll be alright." But his doubtful expression did not change. "I hear there's treasure there." I added, winking. To that, his eyebrows raised a bit and he looked from me to the massive stone door.
The entrance to the Deserted Tomb of Geraptiku.

"Treasure?" He mumbled to himself, raising an eyebrow in curiosity. I smiled proudly. I'd had a feeling that would spark some interest in him. He gave me one last skeptical look - though I could see the interest shining in his eyes - then trotted over to the door and pushed it open.

Upon opening the door a large cloud of dust shot out at us. I coughed and waved my arms about to try to get rid of it, but Arbihun only whipped his tail calmly and dispelled the filthy particles. "Hmm, guess no one's been here for a while." He commented, grinning wolfishly. And with that, we entered the tomb.
And the huge stone door slammed shut behind us.

I yelped in surprise, snapping my head around to look at it with wide eyes, but I quickly realized Arbihun had no intention of stopping. I bit my lip and forced myself to follow him, lest we got separated.

- - -

"Twilian, how long have we been here?" Arbihun looked over at me, his voice almost a whimper, his eyelids drooping. Poor thing, he sounded - and looked - exhausted.

"I'm not sure." I answered glumly, only then realizing how tired I was. My legs wobbled beneath me so, after taking a quick look around, I planted myself down on the first thing I could. "I think-"
I bolted back up with a soft yip, running over to Arbihun's side and staring at the... thing I'd just sat on.

It was a Petpet, but a horribly terrifying one at that. It looked like a green lizard with a skull for a head! Though despite my reaction, Abihun peered at the thing, inching closer to it. He stuck his nose out and sniffed it and the creature stared back at him with just as much wide-eyed curiosity. After a moment of silence between the two, the Petpet scrambled up Arbihun's snout and onto his head.

"Hey!" The Lupe laughed heartily, doing his best to look up at the thing. "I am not a chair!"
"Well, neither was he." I grinned nervously, giving the Petpet an apologetic look. "Sorry about that, little guy-"
"Keeta!" It snapped, blinking owlishly.

To that, Arbihun smiled widely, looking very pleased. "Alright then, Keeta..." The Petpet tilted its head, looking down at him attentively. "I found you, you're mine." The Lupe's smiled turned to a grin. "My treasure."

I realized what Arbihun meant and laughed softly to myself. Looks like we found the treasure after all, I thought. A friend. What treasure could be better than that?

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