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Petpet Name: Treasure
Owner: ravensley
Pet Name: Callanyce
Breed: Mimbi

About Treasure:
A best friend is one who understands you implicitly, and it is very hard to find such a friend. Here is how I met Calla, my bestest friend in the whole of Neopia!

There are two important things in life: eating and looking for more delicious treats to eat. Sadly, very few Neopians understand the importance of these two things. However, on the most horrifying day of my life, I met someone who did.

It was a long, long time ago, about two years, when I was still just a wee little thing. I had decided to go look for more interesting things to eat. Little did I know that my quest for delicacies would lead to such a horrible day.

For some time now, my friend Mimbis had been hearing rumours that the leaves at the top of the Deserted Tomb were the best.

And so I set upon the long and arduous journey that would take me to highest point of Geraptiku and the best food one could hope to find.

My journey was so long and so dangerous, wild Lizarks jumping out and scaring me, various bugs trying to eat me... and I still haven't managed to shake one of them -- see the little Veespa? It has been with me since then.

At last I had accomplished the long trek to the Tomb, but the leaves on it were not any better than they were anywhere else I've eaten. Still, maybe the leaves at the very top would be the tastiest ever.

Gathering my remaining strength, I climbed to the very top. But to my dismay, the leaves there weren't any better. Disappointed, tired and sated, I found a quiet spot in a shaded corner and fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was dark and cold. I was also very hungry. Looking around, I noticed a light coming out of a small opening in the tomb. Going through it, I had no idea that what awaited me there would be the stuff of nightmares!

Arrows and ghosts and fake walls, oh my! So many scary things happening all at once: empty rooms with creepy crawlers wanting to eat me, and, worst of all, there was no place to eat!

Scared and now lost, I finally wandered into a room devoid of any scary things. In that room, there was a bright shiny box, food I thought.

Poking around the box, I somehow managed to fall into it. Horror of horrors, it was firmly shut and I couldn't get out! All of my escape attempts did was make me even more tired and hungry.

At some point, tired of my struggles, I fell asleep. It was only much later that I awoke to a bright light shining straight at me.

A young Aisha was peering curiously at me. She gave a big whooping shout of 'Treasure!' before scooping me up and swinging me wildly about.

My rescuer then proceeded to babble a lot; the only clear information was her name, Calla. Calla thoroughly cleaned me of all the grime that I had gathered along my journey and proceeded to feed me the most delicious food I had ever tasted.

And it was then that I had found someone who understood the two most important things in life.

Since that horrid day of oh so long ago, we have been travelling and eating the most delicious foods we could find. But we still can't get rid of the Veespa.

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