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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Boom Boom
Owner: keese_bat
Pet Name: Murdohk
Breed: Short Fuse

About Boom Boom:
To be brought into this world, manufactured. It's not as lovely as it sounds. You have no control over how you'll move, what you'll eat; it's all decided for you. In some cases, you don't get the luxury of any of this. My kind, we Short Fuse get... well, the short end. We can't get around as we please; we have no legs. Have you ever tried hopping when your head is your whole body? It's not pleasant! We don't even have a mouth to speak, let alone eat. I guess that's what can be so great about owning a Short Fuse. We're low maintenance, you don't have to feed us or anything, just cuddle up with us every now and then, maybe read a good book out loud... or flip the pages for us when we're done! The thing is, we may not have mouth to speak, but we have eyes to see. Brother, have I seen some horrible things.

We're just as alive as one of my spooky cousins, the Slorg or even the Ghostkerchief, as alive as a ghostly cloth can be. You can imagine the horror I felt when my Zafara owner, who I guess has never been quite right in the head brought home a bowl that looked piping hot from the diner. It wasn't bad until I got a look at what was inside the bowl! Two little wings poked out and a long tail hung over the side. I thought these were just little soup decorations... until my owner plucked out a bone and flicked it away. I knew I had recognised those wings. He had brought home a Droolik Surprise, as your kind calls it. I thought, I was hoping, it would be some sick joke until he sat down and began to eat the horrible stew right in front of me! If Sloth himself had burst through the window riding the Snowager and shooting a ray gun, that would still be less terrifying then watching him eat SOUP made from a DROOLIK!

You'd think it couldn't get any worse, until it came time for desert. Why is a Meerca Pie considered gourmet!? Blumaroo Steak, Korbat Wing Soup... the Haunted Woods really is the most terrifying place, right down to their disgusting choice in food. I know you might be thinking, "If you could taste it, I bet you'd love it," right? Wrong wrong, so wrong in so many ways!

Do you want to know the worst part about that soup you call the Droolik Surprise? I think I actually used to know that Droolik!

Remember, not all of us have something to say, but we can all see. I'm not going to tell you what you can and cannot eat, but be careful about whom you eat it around!

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