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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Flower
Owner: celtiica
Pet Name: Electopua
Breed: Maraquan Flowper

About Flower:
The warmth of the air seeped into the waters of Maraqua, and finally summer had made its way into the depths of the deep blue sea. Tourists flocked from across the Neopian world to see the extravagance Maraqua had to offer. Coral coloured the underworld with such elegant beauty, it was simply breathtaking.

Electopua was finally old enough to have enough strength to swim in the underworld. He was always a curious soul and loved any opportunity for a new adventure. Reading about Maraqua in books simply did not satisfy his desire to see such a miraculous part of the world. In fact, it even made it worse. He begged and pleaded with me to take him there, and finally I caved in.

Once there, Electopua couldn't decide where to start first. He was stuck in awe, as flocks of colourful Maraquan pets and Petpets alike danced around, continuing their daily routine. I made my way to the Petpet Shop, hoping to find Electopua a wonderful new Petpet. Electopua took off without my knowledge, deep into the coral jungle.

Electopua was greeted by pastel painted fish; they fluttered to him, curiously, and then took off. Electopua swam to follow them, but was hit by something, and it veered him off his track. Recovering, he noticed it was a frantic Maraquan Flowper. It spun itself around, nervously looking for something, sheer terror within its eyes. Electopua looked at it curiously, as it squeaked, trying to swim away. Electopua noticed it was hurt during the interaction and asked, "Are you okay? What is the matter?"

But before it could respond, a ghost Jetsam rushed through the waters, hurtling toward them. The Flowper flapped its usable limbs in panic.

"Oh, that's what we're afraid of," Electopua said. Quickly, he grabbed the Flowper and ducked into the coral that he'd been admiring. Weaving through them frantically, the Jetsam snapped its jaws dangerously close. Electopua swam for an underwater cave, knowing it was a good way out. Electopua only had to find an air pocket out before the Jetsam made them lunch.

Unfortunately, this was also a very good way to get cornered. Electopua made the near escape to the top, but was pulled down by the Jetsam.

Smiling, the ghost Jetsam remarked, "Ahh, two for the price of one."

A small creature dipped into the waters, and a bright light forced Electopua and the Flowper to turn their eyes away. The Flowper squeaked again, nudging Electopua. Electo opened his eyes to find the Jetsam stunned. Electo wondered what had happened, but was nudged persistently by the Flowper, and so he dragged himself out of the waters. A Lightmite fluttered happily around them, and landed on Electopua. "Thank you, you saved us!" Electopua cried.

The Lightmite did a dance of delight, and Electopua held the wounded Flowper. Electopua's brain raced over his extremely good luck, while the Flowper grabbed for a small pink flower. The Flowper tried to eat it, but then noting its bad taste snuggled it closer.

"You like that, don't you?" Electopua asked. "Well... I think I'll name you Flower then. It seems only fitting."

I was relieved that Electopua was saved and brought to me safely, so when he begged to keep his two new friends, I gladly accepted. I hadn't found anything in the Petpet shop anyway, so it was good fortune.

Electopua is spending time healing Flower, and they can almost never be separated. Even the Lightmite took a great liking to Flower and Electo. Electopua was more well prepared for the next adventure in Maraqua, and Flower is always delighted to return, especially since she is not troubled by Jetsams!

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