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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Delilah
Owner: agedbeauty
Pet Name: Aramaoi
Breed: Faerie Mazzew

About Delilah:
Where were you when you heard that Faerieland fell?

I can tell you where Ara was. A generally quiet, studious Kacheek with a flair for the creative at times, she was deep in the Catacombs, sipping her Purple Juppie Java. It was a hard time for many Neopets; almost everyone was in and out of the Battledome. Everyone was tired from fighting so many different kinds of wraiths, pushing themselves to the best of their abilities as the spectres just kept coming and coming. After fighting hundreds of them, Ara had slipped out of the Dome to take a moment to breathe; the Coffee Shop was her spot to just relax and feel the warmth of the coffee seep into her paws.

When the news came that Faerieland had fallen, silence fell over the cafe; Ara nearly wept. They had worked so hard against the evil oozing into Neopia despite how hard the world was fighting back, had tried so hard to save the faeries! But for naught, as Faerieland fell anyway in a spectacular bit of flame and smoke and sadness. It was all Ara could to raise her cup in a salute to the fallen land. She vowed that some day, she would do something to remember Faerieland as it was.

For the rest of the Faeries' Ruin battles, as they came to be known, Ara fought longer and harder than she ever had before. There was always that hope in the back of her mind that Faerieland might be restored to its glory; she hadn't had the heart to go see the destruction once it fell. But the entire time, she knew that somehow she would find that perfect, perfect gesture to show her respect for the fallen.

Well, the end of the battle came and went; to everyone's intense relief, Xandra was defeated and the wraiths disappeared. The return of the faeries and the rebuilding of Faerieland brought Ara a lot of joy, but she still knew that she wanted to do something symbolic for the Faerieland of old; it had been a land she visited often, a land she loved... a land she hadn't wanted to fall.

But what that gesture was, she still didn't know. As she helped various faeries in the rebuilding and with quests, she gave it a lot of thought. Should she paint herself faerie? Dress in faerie gear? Join Team Faerieland for the AC that year? Each idea had merit and yet... and yet, none of them were right.

It was a warm lazy afternoon in New Faerieland when the perfect salute finally struck her. A faerie Petpet -- that was ideal! A companion to ease the tension and sadness that had been in the air around her since Faerieland fell and a perfect ode to her favourite land. There was no better way to show her respect.

Resolved, Ara headed off to the Faerie Petpet Shop in Faerie City. Excited for the first time in a while, she bounded into the shop with barely a nod at the shopkeep and browsed all the lovely Petpets. Which one was right for her? A Cirrus? Boween? Miamouse? No... none of those were quite right, so she kept browsing. Melvie? Harris? Magaral? Those weren't right either. Perhaps a Floud? No...

"Can I help you?" From behind the counter, the most beautiful silvery voice rang out. Turning, Ara didn't see the earth faerie who usually ran the shop; instead, an elegant air faerie with flowing silver-blonde hair stood serenely, glancing at Ara with a bemused smile.

"Who are you?" Ara blurted, thoughtlessly; immediately, she was chagrined. That hadn't been quite what she meant to say. But the faerie only smiled gently.

"I'm Delilah; I'm helping the Faerie Petpet shopkeep keep the place up while we work on rebuilding Faerieland. Can I help you?" Her voice was the most beautiful thing Ara had ever heard, and without a conscious decision to speak, she found herself explaining to Delilah what she was looking for.

"But none of these Petpets are right," she concluded sadly. Perhaps her idea simply wasn't meant to be. It had seemed so perfect, though.

"I have the perfect little girl for you!" Delilah told her and disappeared behind the counter. After a moment, she reappeared with a yowling mint green and pink bundle. Settling it into Ara's hands, she stepped back with a satisfied smile as the little creature gave the Kacheek a happy little mewl.

Ara could only stare for a minute. "What... is she?" she asked, confused. She had thought she knew all the faerie Petpet species.

"Faerie Mazzew," the faerie told her, still smiling.

Ara looked up at her, even more confused. "But... aren't Mazzews from Tyrannia?"

Delilah nodded. "They are, but somehow this one ended up here... maybe because she's painted faerie? When the land fell, whoever owned her must have been lost... and she's been lonely ever since. I've never seen her happy before... until I put her in your hands. You should keep her."

In Ara's arms, the little Mazzew began playfully batting at her nose. Ara couldn't help but smile, the first time she had genuinely smiled since the news had come as she'd sipped her coffee.

"How much?" she asked, but Delilah shook her head.

"Keep her!" she said with a smile.

"Thank you!"

Ara grinned and left the shop, but a moment later ran back in. To her confusion, the shop was empty. "Hello?" she called out.

From the back, a muffled voice came. "Be right out!" A minute passed and a rumpled-looking earth faerie stepped out; after a beat, Ara recognised her as the faerie who normally ran the Petpet shop. "Can I help you?" she asked, looking confused as she saw the Mazzew in Ara's hands.

"Where's Delilah?" Ara asked; she was sure the earth faerie hadn't been there a moment ago.

"I don't know any faeries named Delilah, I don't think." The earth faerie seemed very confused, glancing between Ara and the Faerie Mazzew nestled happily in her arms.

"Oh!" said Ara, "I... um... I must be confused."

Making her apologies, she rushed back out of the shop. When she got outside, she stared at the tiny Petpet who had begun snoring contentedly as Ara cradled her against her chest.

"Well," she said, bemused, "it looks like you're meant to be mine. But I think you need a name."

Scuffing her shoes in the dirt (and thinking how strange it was still to see dirt outside Faerieland instead of clouds), she thought. After a couple minutes, she smiled.

"I think I'll call you... Delilah."

And Delilah's been with her ever since, the happiest little Mazzew you ever did see.

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