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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Periwinkle
Owner: obrianne1
Pet Name: Leacea
Breed: Plushie Miamouse

About Periwinkle:
Periwinkle may be a quiet and shy Plushie Miamouse, but he has an itch for adventure just like Leacea. They love to frolic in the grass together, smelling the flowers blooming and watching the P3s buzz by. Like Leacea, spring is Periwinkle's favourite time of year. They can sit under a tree for hours just enjoying the fresh air.

Periwinkle has eagerly been trying his hardest to catch a very rare Petpetpet for himself and Leacea. This P3 is called a Ditrey and tends to only come out in the very beginning of spring. Leacea continues to remind Periwinkle that if you can hear well enough to follow its chirping sounds, then you have a good chance of catching one!

When wintertime comes around, Periwinkle must be inside. Since he is a very fragile plushie, he can become frozen solid if he is left in the cold for too long! When this happens, he unravels and becomes very, very wet. Fortunately Leacea is wonderful at taking care of him. Leacea wraps Periwinkle in a soft blanket and sets him next to a warm fire. Then, when the frost on Periwinkle's stitching has melted away, Leacea dries him up and begins to sew. After only a few minutes Periwinkle is like new.

One of Periwinkle's absolute favorite things to do with Leacea is play in cardboard boxes! It may sound a bit curious, but Miamice and Cybunnies simply adore it. Sometimes Periwinkle and Leacea will build structures with the boxes, creating tunnels and mazes. They have a blast when they do this.

Since Periwinkle is a faerie Petpet, from time to time, he and Leacea take a trip to Faerie City. One of Periwinkle's fondest memories is meeting all of the faeries at the Faerie Festival, including Illusen and Jhudora. One time, after watching the Poogle Races, Periwinkle and Leacea wandered off into the woods. They wound up in Jhudora's Bluff only to become skittish and afraid. To their surprise, Jhudora happily welcomed them into her home. Periwinkle and Leacea left with tons of Jhudora goodies, including Jhudora's Potion and even a Jhudora Plushie!

Periwinkle has become a very happy Petpet. He's discovered and learned all sorts of exciting new things since he has been with Leacea. He has especially learned a lot about himself as a Miamouse. Did you know that Miamice can be painted eleven different colours? You can even paint your Miamouse to become mutant and have three eyes, but who would want that? One colour that a Miamouse cannot be painted, though, is faerie. Periwinkle has also learned that Miamice are extremely hard to catch. This is because they hop from cloud to cloud faster than even a Babyca! An earth faerie told Periwinkle that in order to catch a Miamouse for her Faerieland Petpet shop, she has to set out Cheesy Cloud Cookies as bait! When a Miamouse finally finds the cookies, it is more than happy to see the earth faerie.

During the night, when the sun has gone down and the Moaches are chirping, Leacea snuggles close to Periwinkle, burying his nose into Periwinkle's soft fabric. As they slip into a deep sleep, Periwinkle can't help but be thankful for his wonderful Miamouse life.

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