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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Roger
Owner: keller_bloom
Pet Name: Richard_Bloom
Breed: Green Drackonack

About Roger:
Being an Acara, Richard was always happiest when he was in water, so it was no surprise that he headed straight to the castle's moat when we visited Meridell that day.

"Richard," I protested, "we are supposed to be going to look in Ye Olde Petpets today, not play in the water."

It had been three days since the Secret Laboratory Ray had turned him Maraquan, and I thought it was time to get him a companion that would complement his now green skin.

"You go," he replied, as he splashed happily in the murky water. "I'll stay here while you choose a Petpet for me."

"Don't you want to pick one for yourself?" I asked him and watched as he swam up to a growth of reeds on the moat's bank. "I don't want a repeat performance of last time I brought a Petpet home for you."

That had been two months ago. I had come home and presented him with a Miamouse, thinking it would be the perfect companion. Only as soon as I showed it to him, he started wailing at me, screaming, "Get that thing away from me!" whenever I came close to him with it in my hands. Eventually I had to take the poor creature back to the shop, as he wouldn't have anything to do with it. The poor Miamouse had been shaking like a leaf.

Richard looked at me and smiled.

"I trust you," he said and then looked serious for a moment. "But nothing with big ears, please."

He had started to flick the reed's long leaves so that they dipped delicately into the water, making tiny circular waves in the moat before they sprang back into their vertical positions, bobbing gently as they righted themselves.

I smiled as I watched him; he could so easily entertain himself. He could go off for hours on his own and get himself into mischief. It made me wonder if he even needed a Petpet for company.

Suddenly he let out a high-pitched yelp and stared intensely into the patch of reeds. He called me over and said, "Keller, these reeds have teeth!"

I was puzzled to say the least! I rushed over, and we both peered carefully into the greenery. There we found, much to my amazement, a little green creature sat staring back at us. It was very well-disguised among the reeds, but we could both make out the glimmer of two rather red eyes and some big pointy white teeth.

"What is it?" Richard asked me excitedly.

"I'm not sure," I replied. The creature did look a lot like a Drackonack, but I was sure that they were purple and not green.

The little Petpet sat as still as a statue and stared unblinkingly at the two of us. Richard carefully lifted a tentacle up and prodded the little green beast. It jerked its little head upward and seemed to peer at him. For a while the two just stood and stared at each other in this way. It seemed the little guy was just as confused with what it saw as we were! After a moment its small tail started to wag. It made a little growling sound and leapt up onto Richard's shoulder. I was a little wary, especially since the creature had such large and sharp teeth, but Richard just giggled and prodded it again. This time the Drackonack licked his face and growled again, tail wagging.

"Oh, Keller, he's perfect!" said Richard, smiling. I knew then that he had made a friend for life.

The two of them can spend hours together, creating havoc, playing hide and seek, or setting up practical jokes on Richard's brother and sisters. Ultimately, though, I usually find them in a puddle together, splashing around and making a mess. Roger, as Richard decided to call him, turned out to be the best friend an Acara could ever make!

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