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Petpet Name: Clouddancer
Owner: filter
Pet Name: Lope
Breed: Floud

About Clouddancer:
The days were usually quiet for Lope. Every day, the Gnorbu peacefully grazed upon the Meridell country side, the lush green grass offering a splendid retreat from the stone streets of Neopia Central. Beautiful flowers surrounded him at every turn, the crystal blue sky above causing hours of enjoyment as he watched fluffy reminders of his family float by. As a cloud Gnorbu, Lope could blend in fairly well up there.

One rather wonderful day, Lope was enjoying the afternoon circus of clouds he grew so fond of watching. He'd point out with his hoof, to no one in particular, the formation he thought looked like a Puppyblew.

"Oh, that one looks like a Cybunny!" Lope exclaimed out loud, then blushed lightly as he remembered how alone he was in his daily wanderings.

He pouted softly and went back to quietly watching the clouds float by. It was actually rather hard as a cloud Gnorbu to find good friends.

"Powderpuff!" and "Fluffball" were the jeers he would hear as he wandered through the local towns. It was hard to be taken seriously when you looked like a cotton ball.

Lope blinked softly as he began to doze off, the soft breeze that brushed over the grass tips easing his weary soul. His naps were always so lovely here, the floral sanctuary easing him into a peaceful dream.

A soft flitter of wings caused the Gnorbu to slowly open one eye. After returning to the field so many times, Lope likened himself to an expert of the flora and fauna of Meridell's fields. That particular wing flap didn't sound like the Beekadoodle flitting from one flower to the other. It was too large for a little Buzzer, heading home after a hard day of pollinating. It was a new and odd sound. Lope's eyes widened as he looked around, but no new creature could be seen.

This simple unrest would not let Lope return to his nap. The Gnorbu stayed awake, once again watching the soft clouds rolling by. Ah, another Angelpuss cloud, Lope would lament.

A small blur of pink streaked across the sky. Lope sat upright, wondering what it was that he had just seen. The pink blur dodged its way between two clouds, darting behind the very cloud Lope was examining. The Gnorbu watched intently, waiting to spot the strange critter again, but it did not reappear.

Soon dusk was upon him, and Lope wandered back home. He recounted the strange occurrence to the others who shared his busy city Neohome, but no one believed him.

"You've spent too many days out in that field, Lope" chided Taws. "The sun is getting to you."

Lope pouted and climbed into his bed. He knew he'd seen something; he was sure of it. His heavy eyes slowly closed as his thoughts of the pink blur drew him into his dreams.

The next day, Lope was out in the field at the crack of dawn. He had to find the pink blur again, Lope had to prove he wasn't crazy. Hours rolled by, the clouds in the sky passing one by one, each fully examined by the dedicated Gnorbu.

Hope was starting to wane in Lope's eyes; he shook his head softly. Maybe it was just a figment of his imagination, maybe the sun was just a little too warm lately.

As if to prove him wrong, that particular pink blur showed itself again, dodging between another set of fast-moving clouds. Lope was on his feet in an instant, running toward the cumulus collection. The pink streak hopped to another cloud.

"Hello?" Lope called out, his eyes intently watching for the strange sky colour.

A tiny blob of pink poked its head out from behind a perfect cloud rendition of a Chomby. Lope gasped softly as two tiny eyes stared back at him.

"I won't hurt you," Lope pleaded to the tiny Floud.

The little Petpet regarded Lope for a few moments before warily coming out from behind the cloud. Lope had never seen a creature like this before. A little pink puffball with wings, almost like a fish that made its home in the air.

The small pink Petpet slowly floated down to the Gnorbu. It seemed as curious about Lope as Lope felt about the creature. The Floud eyed Lope's plush coat. It danced over Lope's fur, causing it to twist this way and that. Lope giggled as the Floud tickled his skin.

When the Floud was done, Lope noticed his coat was a rather striking rendition of the Petpet itself. Lope laughed as he regarded the little Floud with admiration.

"Are you the one that makes the clouds look like things?" Lope wondered.

The Petpet nodded, zipping back up to a lazy cloud above them. With a short acrobatic air dance, the Floud had morphed the cloud into a rather impressive-looking Wocky rendition.

The Floud returned to Lope, and the Gnorbu grinned from ear to ear. "Would you like to be my friend?"

A soft purr rang out from the Floud as it bounced merrily by the Gnorbu's side.

From that day on, Lope and the Floud were inseparable. Lope nicknamed him Clouddancer, due to the Floud's incredible artistic talents. Every lazy day was better than the last. If you ever look up into the sky and notice a rather striking pattern in that passing cloud, you'll know that Lope and Clouddancer are somewhere nearby.

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