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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tallie and Vee
Owner: 5966001
Pet Name: Aly_s66
Breed: Tuceet

About Tallie and Vee:
A twig snapped. It swirled down toward the dusky forest floor. I immediately hid my colourful beak behind a bunch of leaves and held my breath. The tiny Vernax looked up with wide eyes and scanned its surroundings. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, it went back to munching on a berry. I sighed softly, thanking my mother for my dark feathers that hid me well in the shady forest. The tiny Vernax that perched on the branch in front of me seemed so helpless. How wonderful it was to be larger and stronger than others, to have power. I waited a few more seconds before inched forward again. Slowly now, be patient, I reminded myself. The Vernax was only a few inches away and still intent on its berry. I crouched down and tensed my muscles, ready to spring at the right moment.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain shoot through my hind leg. I squawked with surprise. The Vernax's head shot up. It saw me, and it must have jumped a foot into the air (pretty impressive for such a little guy), and scampered away. I looked back at my hind leg with disgust. There was a small, shiny object sticking out from it. I pulled it out with my beak. It was a dart.

Then, a wave of dizziness overcame me. My jaw went slack, and the dart dropped down to join the twig. My mind was spinning. The trees before me became a blur. Suddenly, the branch that was under my feet wasn't there anymore. I slowly closed my eyes as I started to fall.

I opened my left eye. I saw a few peculiar eyes staring at me. I jumped up immediately, only to be attacked by a massive headache. As I slowly regained focus, I found that I was standing in the centre of a small enclosure. Other Petpets sat inside, still staring at me. I growled, but they did not budge. What's wrong with these guys? I wondered. I looked at the fence that surrounded the enclosure. It was made out of bamboo and barely higher than me. Anybody could jump over the thing easily.

I unfurled my wings, tensed my muscles, and charged toward the fence. As the sight of the fence rushed toward me, I leapt up into the air and let my wings catch the wind.

I don't know about you, fellas, but I'm outta here! I thought.

Suddenly, I jerked to a stop as if I crashed into a solid wall. Pain shot through my right foot. Wincing, I turned around. There was a thick rope tied to my foot. I glanced around at the other Petpets. They had them too. Why hadn't I noticed this before? Beaten and frustrated, I sank to the ground and closed my eyes.

I don't know how long I was in there. Many big Neopets came to visit the enclosure. They'd pick up a Petpet, drop some coins in a jar, and leave. Then new Petpets would mysteriously appear. A few Neopets had tried to take me. I squawked and nipped at their outstretched hands, and they would quickly move on to another Petpet.

One particularly gloomy day, I saw a faint blue light drift toward the enclosure. As it got closer, I saw that it was a ghost Xweetok followed by her owner. The Xweetok came up toward the fence, and I felt a slight chill. The other Petpets backed up nervously. What's there to be afraid of, ninnies? I wanted to ask them. I glared and stood my ground.

The Xweetok leaned on the fence, and her bright red eyes swept over all of the Petpets. Finally, her eyes landed on me.

"Robin, I want this one!" She reached down and picked me up. I clawed and nipped. "Ow! Stop it!" she cried, but instead of letting go, she held on tighter.

"Are you sure you want that one Aly?" her owner asked doubtfully. "It looks pretty wild."

"Aren't all Petpets wild?" the Xweetok replied. "I want this Petpet. Its feathers are so soft and pretty. And it's a brave little guy too. Once I tame it, it'll be the bravest and bestest Petpet ever!"

"Well, if you insist." The girl smiled and took out a handful coins from her bag.

They jumped over the fence and bent down to untie the knot at my foot. A brilliant plan popped into my mind. This was a perfect chance to escape! I felt the pressure released from my foot, and before anyone could react, I flapped my wings and sprang into the air. With more speed than any faerie could muster, I was gone.

I flapped my wings madly, dodging twigs and branches that stuck out from the gloom. My stomach growled. Great! I hadn't had anything to eat since before I slept. My energy was fading rapidly. I saw a sturdy branch and landed lightly on it, panting hard.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw the blue light again. I turned around and glared menacingly. The Xweetok floated toward the branch, landed beside me, and held out a cracker.

"I know how you feel, little fella."

I looked at her doubtfully.

"I know how it feels to be locked up with nowhere to go. I was pretty wild before. Then I got stuck in the Pound for a very long time before I was adopted. I remember the day I was adopted more clearly than anything else. Being a part of a family with lots of others who love you is the best thing anyone can ever wish for." She held out her paw. "Would you be willing to try to be part of our family too?"

I thought for a moment. Then I carefully laid my claws on her outstretched paw. Well, if I don't like it, I can always escape again.

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