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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Patchi
Owner: tephie418
Pet Name: Misa_257
Breed: Plushie Gangee

About Patchi:
I was lying on my makeshift bed, a dark blue silk blanket with a few odd patches sewn over holes, and gazing sleepily at the sky above me. The moon was in its usual position amongst the faintly glowing stars and the sky behind them painted black. I was desperately trying to hold on to consciousness as I waited for Kimiko to get back. She had wandered off a while ago and, despite my persistent pleading, insisted that she needed a change in scenery for a while. She is always looking for adventure, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that she's not back yet. Sometimes she can be gone for days at a time.

Kimiko is one of my best friends and our owners have been like sisters for quite some time now. I am reminded of how our little family came to be as I search my memories and replay my past in my head...

You see, I was born right here in the Haunted Woods and have remained here since then, previously residing near Eliv Thade's castle. My parents were both Gangees, like me and believed in independence. By the ripe old age of two months, I was pushed into the rest of the word, confused and contrite, and for the longest time I did not understand why my parents made me leave home. I still don't. I never really knew them. The only thing they left me with was two hundred Neopoints and a plushie Petpet paint brush.

I wandered the Woods for a good week before Sid, the Scratchcard guy, took me in, claiming that my father had been the Petpet of a good customer of his. Sid allowed me to stay, but in return I had to clean up his shack and run errands for him. I agreed, and so my life went on like this for around another five months.

Eventually I got tired of the same old thing and left Sid's shack in search of a more interesting life. To start my new journey into the world once again, I finally used the paint brush on myself and found the outcome to be quite appealing.

Trying to find a new place to live was no easy task, and after the third week of traipsing around, I began to give up hope and collapsed against the damp wall of the Stone Dome. The crowd's roars inside were replaced with groans and boos just as a voice came over the loudspeaker.

"That's aaaaaaall for tonight, folks! Come back tomorrow for another aaaaaaamazing fight!"

As the crowd piled out I examined each face for one that was familiar, but to no avail. Just as I was about to get up and leave, a naturally beautiful Xepru approached me. For a moment, she just stared at me, then her face lit up as she smiled and grabbed my hand. She pulled me along as she sprinted on all six legs. I tried to pull away again and again, failing miserably each time.

"Wait!" I shouted. "W-what are you doing? Where are you taking me?!?!"

"I'll explain when we get there!" The Xepru replied, weaving around trees and buildings and dodging the occasional pedestrian. "You're the one!"

"I'm the what?! You aren't making any sense!"

"Just keep running, we're almost there!" she shouted.

I stopped asking questions, realising that they obviously weren't going to be answered, and tried to keep up with her the best that I could. We ran for a good five minutes, and my muscles were beginning to feel weak. I considered asking her if we could stop, but I had the feeling that since she was so flustered, she would deny the request immediately.

The Xepru finally began to slow after another agonising fifteen minutes of running. My lungs burned and my head began to spin. I fell backward and sprawled out on the ground, trying to catch my breath and stop the world from twirling around me. The odd Xepru barely broke a sweat.

"Are you all right?" She asked

"Am... I... all right?!?! You... could have... killed me!" I managed to choke out through heaves of breath.

"Running never killed anybody... at least no one I know. Anyway, pull yourself together; we have to go see Misa right away!!"

"Misa? Who's Misa?" I asked, my breaths finally beginning to return to normal.

"She's one of my owner's friends. Her, Misa, and another friend, Edward, all live together. They were all adopted. Now come on! If Misa finds out that I've finally found you and I'm keeping you from her, she might get angry!"

I finally came back to my senses and sat up. I looked around, and my eyes scanned my surroundings. I saw a dull fire, barely burning, a couple of pitched tents patched with different materials, a covered wagon, and a few stray Neopets loafing around the fire. I finally recognised it as the Gypsy Camp from across the Woods.

I stood up, steadying myself before attempting to walk, then followed the Xepru a ways down the camp site, toward a deep purple tent patched with a blue striped fabric and some other stray materials. I found the whole camp quite mesmerising as we walked along. It all had such an abstract beauty, and I instantly felt at home. The patches on all of the tents and clothes reminded me of the patches on myself. My parents must have given me that plushie paint brush knowing that I would eventually use it on myself, and they must have wanted me to use it.

All this came to me in a wave right as something else came to me in a wave: hunger. I hadn't eaten in a few weeks, and it was really taking a toll on me.

The Xepru stopped in front of me when we reached the tent. Deep in thought, I hadn't noticed that she came to a halt, and I almost ran into her back side.

She turned to me. "Oh, I'm so excited! Misa's been talking about you for a long time now. She hasn't been quite the same ever since she and her last Petpet got separated on Krawk Island. I'm Kimiko, by the way. In all this excitement, I forgot to give you my name!"

I was confused once again, and I realised that I must have been staring at her for a long time while trying to wrap my head around all this. She talked very fast, too, so it was hard to take in everything she said.

"How has Misa been waiting for me if I don't even know who she is?" I asked, frustrated.

"Misa is... special. She can see things. Things that others can't see. She saw you in her mind and loved you ever since. All of us have been searching for you ever since you were two months old, but somehow you've managed to evade us. When I saw you, I was so excited that I guess I overreacted a bit. Sorry."

She smiled shyly then turned back around and entered the tent. Cautiously, I followed.

The inside of the tent was homey and had a faint scent of vanilla. It was small, no doubt, but decorated with a few very interesting wind chimes and a few dim lanterns hanging from the ceiling. A small bed with a night stand next to it sat toward the north of the tent. The east side of the room had two book shelves filled with everything from novels to poetry to short stories and comics. The focal point of the whole tent had to be the deep purple cloth-covered table with a crystal ball sitting on top. A red and brown Xweetok sat at the table, engulfed in the wonders of a thick novel. She looked up and smiled as wide as her mouth would let her.

"Oh, Kimiko! I knew you'd find him, I just knew you would!" She then approached me and gave me a hug. "I'm Misa," she said, still stunned and grinning from ear to ear. Her embrace was warm and loving, and I knew instantly that we were going to be great friends.

I gave her a shy smile.

"You have no idea how long I've been looking for you. Is it OK if I call you 'Patchi'?" Misa asked, sighing and looking deep into my eyes. "Can I get you anything? You must be starving!"

I nodded furiously, and she and Kimiko led me out of the tent to the wagon sitting out by the fire. We met up with Kimiko's owner, Mrs. Lovett, and Edward and his Petpet, a Droolik named Fang. We all pitched in and prepared a simple yet unforgettable meal of sandwiches with Tchea Fruit pastries for dessert.

The Neopets spent the night sharing stories, while I got to know the other Petpets better. I was surprised at how much I felt at home, even though I'd only been at the camp for a few hours.

Misa set up a patched dark blue silk blanket up for me right outside of her tent that first night, where I've gazed up at the wondrous night sky every night since then until I gradually drift into sleep...

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