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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Scrub
Owner: pringlz
Pet Name: Acorhn
Breed: Swabby

About Scrub:
Acorhn scrubbed madly at that frustrating little spot on the carpet. Her normally pink complexion was a sweaty red as she worked herself into a lather, sponging and mumbling angrily. The offending spot had appeared seemingly out of nowhere, though in her household it could be any number of the lunatics roaming free. She gave a final, unsatisfactory scour and turned to see a very muddy baby JubJub tiptoeing through the just-cleaned kitchen.

The JubJub fled, Acorhn's frustrated scream echoing throughout the house and rattling most of the glasses in a nearby cabinet. For a good ten minutes, the house resounded with yells to pipe down from its various unsympathetic occupants. Acorhn sniffled and got down to work, tears of anger and frustration dotting the floor as she cleaned.

Acorhn was still lathering the floors and had begun glancing toward the slightly smudgy windows when Sunny appeared. She smiled, holding something behind her back. Acorhn's eyes almost popped out of her head.

"Take off your shoes!" she screeched, gesticulating wildly toward Sunny's scruffy sneakers. Sunny grinned apologetically and obliged.

"I've got a surprise!" she sing-songed, walking toward Acorhn. The Wocky fought the urge to roll her eyes as she gritted her teeth. Today had been frustrating, filled with one cleaning misadventure after another. Her obsession was hard enough without a host of babies, odd sisters who traipsed in at even odder hours, and bratty cousins who did their nails in the middle of the carpet. In teal.

Acorhn's frustrated musings were interrupted again by Sunny. She whipped out a plain mop from behind her back, and Acorhn could no longer control her eye roll. "Sunny. I already have five mops. I don't need another." She sighed and turned back to her work, gloomily sitting and resting her aching paw in the soapy bucket. Then she grabbed the sponge and started cleaning up the suds.

"No, Acorhn, you have to see this. Look." Sunny let go of the mop and smiled insanely. Acorhn was quickly distracted from her worry over her owner's sanity by the mop, which was -- moving?

The mop scooted over to the mysterious carpet stain, lathered up, and scrubbed. When it moved off, the stain was gone. The mop hurried to the kitchen and soaped it. Acorhn squealed.

"Sunny!" she gasped. "It's a... Petpet?" she asked, and Sunny's head bobbled. Acorhn jumped up and down, positively giddy.

She grabbed the Swabby and hugged it close. The Petpet wiggled happily, then tried to get back to work. Acorhn beamed, smiling for the first time in months. She set it down and watched it merrily wiggle across the floor, carefully cleaning the spots Acorhn hadn't finished.

"Scrub," she told it, "I think we'll get along just fine."

Together, the little white Swabby and the Chrismas Wocky set to work, each leaving a gleaming floor behind them.

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