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Petpet Name: Piko
Owner: mistyqee
Pet Name: Mistyqee
Breed: Cloud Miamouse

About Piko:
Mistyqee looked around as she took in the dank, musty smell of the dungeon. Somewhere in town, the clock tower chimed three. Occasionally she could hear footsteps outside her cell, but apart from that, she seemed alone. About five minutes passed by, and she could hear someone coming toward her room. The footsteps were slow and laboured, and as the Elephante appeared at her cell door, she could see that he was tired. In his hands was a tray, containing some bread and water.

"A fine room and complimentary dinner?" she asked playfully. "You gents sure know how to take care of a lady."

"I don't see no ladies here," the Elephante said gruffly, fiddling with his keys. "Just a pirate gettin' what they deserve."

"Oh, such flattery," she said, smiling. "I'm going to enjoy our little visits."

The Elephante opened the cell door and walked in. Mistyqee stood up to greet him, but her hands were in chains connected to the wall. She could only take about a step forward.

"Well, don't get too comfortable then," the Elephante said. "Your trial's tomorrow, and Meridellian justice is swift and severe in these parts," he said, still holding the tray. "You won't be here more than a week."

"Don't worry, I don't plan on being here more than a week," she said, smiling.

The Elephante rolled his eyes. He had heard it all before. New prisoners were always still smug, full of confidence. After a couple of days, reality would sink in and they would come to their senses. Realise their wrongful actions. Plead for forgiveness.

"And who's gonna come to save you?" he asked the Wocky, setting the tray down on the floor. "You're a pirate. A criminal. Your friends would rather leave you here to rot than risk their lives trying to save you. You have no one."

The Wocky looked down, and the Elephante smirked, knowing he had hit a nerve.

"You think I need help getting out of here? I-I don't need anyone," she said, folding her arms grumpily, muttering something about a bunch of no-good rotten pirates. Shaking it off, she tried to return to her calm attitude.

"You know, in Brightvale they give us Whole Roast Pheasant with some Sauteed Purblare Slices." she said, leering over at the tray.

The Elephante frowned, walking back to the door. "I doubt that."

The Wocky watched as he left. "Well, thank you for delivering my meal, and y'know I'd tip you, but your colleagues seem to have taken my jacket and my money." she said, reaching for the tray again. "But for breakfast, what say we mix it up and have an Aubergine Surprise with some Braku Berries on the side?"

The Elephante rolled his eyes again, unimpressed. He turned to leave, but he paused for a moment, turning back. Walking back up to the tray, he glanced quickly at the Wocky and then looked down at the food. He gave a quick look to the Wocky.

"You think you can just get away with talking like that?" he asked, frowning.

With his feet, he pushed the tray a couple of inches toward the door. It would be just out of the Wocky's reach.

"Enjoy what time you have here," he said. "You know, I hope they don't have any mercy for you tomorrow."

The Wocky frowned as she watched him close the cell door and walk down the hall. "And hey, while you're getting me breakfast, get my hat and coat, will you?" she called.

Once the guard disappeared from view, she stood up and walked as far as her chains allowed. Outstretching her hands, she reached for the food tray, but it was just the slightest bit out of reach. Bitter in defeat, she walked back over to the wall and plonked herself down. She was hungry, but she could probably last until breakfast. And she wouldn't be missing much, it'd be the same bread and water as before. She rested her head against the brick wall and looked up to the small window. The moonlight from the outside world shone through onto the walls. As she watched flecks of dust float through the moonlight, she sighed. She was alone. But she had always managed to do things by herself.

Hours passed, and the Wocky still hadn't slept or eaten. Without much to do but observe, she had been able to deduce that the guards patrolled her hallway every fifteen minutes, and there seemed to be an alternation; the guard was either a blue Grarrl, quite a hefty fellow, or a Tyrannian Lenny, who was equally as large, but seemed a bit slower and not as spry. They both gave her the same look of contempt as they passed by her cell. Every now and then, she would also spot a stray Miamouse or Spyder running about in among the cells, probably searching for food.

After a few more hours, she could see the darkness of night begin to dissipate, as the morning sun was getting ready to rise. The Grarrl guardsman had changed shifts not too long ago and had been replaced by a green Techo. The Wocky was interrupted in her thoughts by the sounds of her stomach growling. She may not have been hungry when her food arrived, but she was certainly hungry now. She was considering trying to reach for the tray again, but another noise caught her attention.

Over in the far corner of her cell, a Miamouse had appeared. A pastel purple, it scratched behind its ear and then stood up, sniffing, and finally noticed Mistyqee. It watched her very closely, took a quick look at the chunk of bread that lay on the tray of food, and then glanced back at the Wocky. With its eyes still fastened to the Wocky, it slowly began walking toward the tray.

The Wocky stood up. "No! Haa..!" she said, waving her hands dismissively. "Get your own food."

At the first sight of the Wocky standing up, the Miamouse stopped and hurried back to the hole in the wall from whence it appeared. After a few seconds, it poked its head out the wall and watched Mistyqee cautiously. It then proceeded to walk to the tray again, but the Wocky moved to stand up and the Miamouse ran back to the wall again. It stayed at the wall, watching Mistyqee, for several minutes, until the Wocky could not be motivated enough to dissuade it.

"You know what?" she said to the Miamouse. "Go ahead. Not like I can get to it anyway."

With that remark, she turned her back to the Miamouse and sighed. After a few minutes, she could hear the sound of the Miamouse walking over to the tray. Turning her head slightly, she was able to catch a glimpse of the Miamouse as it broke small chunks off of the piece of bread and began nibbling ever so slightly on them. The Wocky smirked. At least one of them was getting fed.

She began slowly turning around, so she could watch the Miamouse without spooking it. Ever so often, the Miamouse would sniff around the chunk of bread, walk over to a new spot, and break away another small chunk to nibble on. Every time it did so, the chunk of bread would be nudged ever so slightly in the Wocky's direction. In fact, it had almost reached the edge of the tray, and was leaning up against the metal rim of it, gradually edging closer and closer until the Miamouse gave it a final nudge and the bread rolled over the tray and onto the floor, much to the surprise of the Miamouse. The Wocky sprang to life, jumping to her feet and reaching over to the slice of bread. Feeling the stale pastry in her hands, she breathed in the smell of stale food. It smelled delicious right now. Using the bread as a makeshift stick, she used it to pull the tray closer, so she was able to reach the tray and the cup of water. Though it was a small task, it felt like such an incredible victory at the time.

As the Wocky took a large bite out of the bread and took several swigs of the water, she looked back at the Miamouse, who had scurried back toward the hole in the wall, and had returned to watching the Wocky cautiously. With another smirk, the Wocky ripped the chunk of bread in half and threw half across the room, onto the floor. The Miamouse looked over at it and then back to the Wocky. With another quick glance to the Wocky, the Miamouse cautiously walked over to the bread and began to eat it again.

Watching the Miamouse eat, Mistyqee smiled. She had read somewhere that Miamice were good companions.

Playfully, the Wocky tossed a small crumb several inches away from the Miamouse. Curious, the Miamouse waddled over to the small crumb, picked it up and sniffed it, and then took several nibbles. Tossing another crumb and another, the Wocky managed to coax the Miamouse closer to her. When the Miamouse was only several feet away from her, the Wocky lay her hand down on the ground, holding more breadcrumbs. The Miamouse looked up at her, and was about to inch forward, but the sound of the Techo guardsman entering the hallway spooked it and sent it scurrying back to the hole in the wall. As the green Techo passed by the Wocky’s cell, the Miamouse ran back to the chunk of bread across the room and continued to chow down.

Smirking, the Wocky ate what was left of her bread and looked at the half-full cup of water in her hands. Lifting it carefully, she poured the water over her wrists and around her shackles. Grabbing a shackle in one hand, she began to twist and writhe her other hand. She might be a pirate, but that hadn't stopped the guards from treating her like a lady. She had learnt that complaining and flailing about when they cuffed her wrists kept them from being fastened too tightly. Though it was painful, she did manage to pull her hand through the first shackle. Triumphantly throwing it to the ground, she began to work on her other shackle. The Miamouse's ears had perked up at the sound of the shackle chains, and at the sound of the second shackle being thrown to the ground, had run back to its hole in the wall.

Now, I would like to point out that Mistyqee is a very practical Wocky. She does not condone needless violence, but she does understand that sometimes it is a necessity. In this particular incident, she does claim that she had laid on the floor and acted unconscious, but if you were to inquire how the guard that came to her aid received a nasty tray-shaped mark on his face, she would readily claim it as self-defence.

As the guard lay on the floor in a dizzy heap, the Wocky began to put her plan into action. She would only have fifteen minutes until the next guard walked past her cell, so she had fifteen minutes to escape. And since the guards all seemed to enter from the left side of the hall and exit from the right, she would have to travel right or else she would get caught too easily. Her coat, hat, and cutlass would be kept downstairs in the store-room, so that would be her next destination.

She turned to leave, but before she moved on, she looked back at her cell. The Miamouse had poked its head out from behind the wall and was tilting it ever so slightly, looking back up at the Wocky. Picking up the half-nibbled chunk of bread, the Wocky sprinkled some crumbs into her hand and walked over to the Miamouse-hole, bending down and offering her handful of crumbs.
The Miamouse, who had retreated completely into the hole in the wall, popped its head out and looked over at the crumbs, and then up to the Wocky. Pausing for a moment, it scurried over to her outstretched hand and sat on her palm, eating the bread. With a smile, the Wocky gently stood up and walked over to the cell doorway. The Miamouse seemed cautious, and its head darted around quickly, but soon it went back to eating the remainder of the breadcrumbs. After the crumbs were all eaten, it looked about for more, but not finding any, decided to explore the rest of Mistyqee's arm and ran up to her shoulder, sitting happily and rubbing the traces of breadcrumbs off its face.

Still smiling, the Wocky walked out of the cell room. Content with the Miamouse atop her shoulder, she walked down the corridor, passing the other cells. As the rays of sunlight began to peek through the iron bars of the dungeon, the two had already started what would become a strong partnership.

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