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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nomi
Owner: saro_the_legendaerie
Pet Name: Xemnas137
Breed: Grey Faellie

About Nomi:
I've been hearing their whispers for what seems like ages now, although I haven't been Xemmy's Petpet for long. "Why would anyone want such a sad little creature? And what's with that name, Nomi, anyway?"

"I heard it meant 'nothing' in old Shenkuu."

"How cruel that Pteri must be! To buy a grey Petpet and name it 'Nothing'!"

To be sure, I have the same misgivings myself. I've been bounced around from shop to shop since I was painted at the Petpet Puddle, and I'm... well, scared. The last Petpet Xemmy owned, or so Farfael the Ukali tells me, was a zapped Spyder. I don't want to be zapped! I'm scared!

But, mostly... I'm scared of being 'nothing' to anyone again...

It's early morning, and the sun is still far below the Citadel. I'm a little surprised it ever shines on this place, with its looming battlements and sharp-edged gargoyles. I love the height, though, and I stare out the window from my perch at the sill and wish I was free again.

It's dangerous out there.

But it's better than being nothing.

I bury my head into my fluffy tail and sigh, enjoying the warmth that surrounds my muzzle, taking the edge off the frost I can feel through the glass. My sharp ears catch the sound of Xemmy stirring in her nest. She's an early riser, I'd gathered that by now, and all I can do is hunker down and watch her as she wakes up.

She blinks and turns a friendly, ice blue gaze on me. "Good morning, Nomi," she whistles, and I wince.

The Pteri scowls. "Oh, too loud for you? I'm sorry, sweetness." The downy feathers on the underside of her wing are warm, and I fight the urge to jump down into her nest and sleep beside her.

So instead I press myself lower and avoid her gaze.

She's really worried now; I can hear her already quick pulse increasing as she scoops me up and clutches me to her feathered chest. "No, that's not it. What's wrong, Nomi? Are you sick?"

I can't help it. Every time she says my name, I want to run away and hide.


I struggle in her grip, and she releases me. I'm shocked to have escaped so easily, so I just sit there like a dazed Spardel and stare at her. I can feel my eyes welling up with tears.

I'm devastated, but she's not going to understand. Grey Petpets are always sad, and she'll probably just brush me aside and continue on with her day.

Oddly, though, she doesn't, and she speaks to me again in the soft, gentle singsong. "Oh, I think I see, now. It's your name, isn't it?" I keep staring at her.

Xemmy sighs. "I had hoped that I wouldn't have to tell you about this. Saying it out loud..." I hide my face behind my tail in dread. She can't stand me, that's it. She must just wish she'd gotten something with more flash and sparkle.

"...takes away some of the magic."


"You see, Nomi means 'nothing but', and I wanted to name you something to remind me to treat you kindly. Show you 'nothing but' love, think of 'nothing but' your well-being, and let 'nothing but' the faeries get between you and me." She smiles, almost sadly. "I guess it's not working, though. I didn't think about how you might react to it, especially being a grey Petpet and all. So," she alights down on the floor nearer me and lowers her head to look into my face better, "should we start over? Do you want a new name?"

I sit back on my haunches and think about this for a second. My wings are twitching with budding relief and joy, although I'm still stinging from my own shame of ever having thought the worst of this dear, sweet Pteri.

At last, I shake my head. No. She had 'nothing but' the best intentions, and I want to be 'nothing but' hers.

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