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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Greeblos
Owner: luv_my_pets_666
Pet Name: Wacko2206
Breed: Greeble

About Greeblos:
You hear a faint chirping as you walk past the General Store in Neopian Central. You're on your way to check out the Petpet spotlight. You wonder who was chosen this week. The chirping is a faint sound at first, so quiet in fact you think it might just be your shoes squeaking. You look down to see piles and piles of leaves. Bright orange, dim yellow, mint green, exotic red, moldy brown. You find yourself wondering when the last time someone raked around here. You're about to take another step forward when that faint chirping you heard before turns into a battle cry. The leaves move and there's a neon greeble hopping around at your feet, chattering and warbling. It doesn't look very happy.

"Oh thank goodness I caught up to you!" Someone calls out from behind you.

You turn to see a grey wocky running up behind you, running so fast in fact she almost slips on the wet leaves and tumbles into you. "I saw you leaving the General Store and I was trying to warn you not to come down this way." The wocky seems out of breath. The greeble has stopped its squawking by now and is staring at the wocky with its beady eyes. Its little ears twitch on top of its head.

The wocky pauses and bites her bottom lip. "Can you keep a secret?" She asks slowly. You stare at her confused. "I hope you can... I guess I have to explain anyways. You've seen them after all." The wocky looks worried.

"A few greebles escaped from the Petpet Shop last week. They were on their way to be delivered to the usul that runs the shop and they somehow got out of their box. I was just talking a stroll in Neopia Central when I saw the usul. She seemed to be really upset about it, saying she had no idea how she'd catch them because they hop so fast and they even creep her out so I offered to help her out... but they didn't really want to be caught." The wocky explained with a lopsided grin.

"It took a few hours to find them, but when I finally did I saw they were collecting all the leaves and setting up big hills. They jumped inside really fast when I came over, and I managed to take a peek. They were actually building a city! Well not a real city, but a bunch of tunnels that looked like they went through the leaves and under the ground. I didn't get to look long before I heard this howling sound. I turned around and there was one ready to charge. I didn't know what to do, so I just tried to act friendly. I held out my paw and said 'Hi there! I'm Wacko2205, who are you?'" The wocky pauses for a minute before laughing.

"I guess I hadn't told you my name yet, had I?" She looks a bit sheepish.

"Oh well, so that's it. Anyways the greeble kind of stopped and looked at me. It stared at me for a good few minutes, and it was getting dark by then so its yellow eyes were starting to glow. Have you ever seen a greeble glow at night? It's pretty spectacular." The wocky says with a smile.

"So I walked over to the greeble. It didn't move, so I reached out my paw again and poked it. It let out a purring sound, which was really weird. I wondered if it was lonely. I sat there with it for a little while, but I had to go when it got too dark."

"I came back the next day and saw the greebles at it again, making their leaf piles. They growled when they saw me this time, but the same greeble hoped right over to me and chirped. It was so friendly the others stopped their growling, and this time I got a chance to look at them. They had tribal markings on them! Like island pets, but these were drawn out of... well I have no idea what. They were smudged though and all the greebles looked really dirty, but they looked happy. I knew I told the usul I'd catch them for her... but I began to wonder if they liked being free."

The wocky looks at the greeble in front of you, staring at it for a long while, before smiling softly again.

"They seem to trust me. This one even follows me to the edge of the General Store sometimes and sees me off. I bring them vegetables sometimes, carrots, radishes. I know they should eat flies, but they really seem to like veggies." The wocky seems apt to convince you.

"This one's almost like my own petpet, but he's free. I know I can't tell what gender he is... but he just feels like a boy! I named him Greeblos, and he seems to be the tribe leader. They can't talk much, mostly just make funny sounds. I tried to explain to them that I was a grey wocky, but all they understood was the word unconverted." She said with a laugh. "They pronounce it UHHN CO VUH TEH. They kept saying it over and over, I think that's what they decided to name their tribe."

"They're really protective of their tribe. They hide here in the leaves, and just when anyone comes to disturb them they jump out and scare them away. They're harmless really... but they really can be scary at night. A quiggle screamed for five minutes the other day until I told her they weren't ghost quiggles come to haunt her." Wacko says with a giggle.

The wocky looks around quickly, as if checking to make sure no one is listening to your conversation. "It was really bad when the quiggle screamed, I was worried she'd give the greebles away. I know the usul needs to sell them to make neopoints for her store so she can invest in stocks and have a neohome and... all that..." She frowns, as if she doesn't really get the idea of neopoints after all. "but they're happy here." The wocky finishes, gesturing to the greebles with her head.

You look behind the wocky and there are about five greebles now peering out from a pile of leaves. The one that had given a battle cry before is hiding under some of the leaves as well. He doesn't have any tribal markings that you can see, all you can see is his big yellow eyes. They really do glow, you think to yourself. You wonder if this is Greeblos, the leader of the uhhn co vuh teh tribe.

"Thinking about it, eh?" The wocky says sympathetically.

"Maybe if you come back tomorrow they'll come out of hiding. They're a little nervous around strangers, but I'm sure they'll warm up to you fast." Wacko says cheerfully. You nod, wondering if any other petpets have escaped in the past and are hiding elsewhere in Neopia Central. Looking for them sounds like a great adventure!

You turn to leave, but Wacko calls out to you. "Can you do me a favor?" She asks slowly. Before you can answer she's talking again, "Can you... not tell anyone about them please?" Her voice cracks as she says it, her big white eyes uncertain and that's when you know you can't say no to a grey neopet.

You can do more than not say no though, you begin to wonder if you found the Petpet spotlight winner after all.

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