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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Krawkette
Owner: x_mystichorse_x
Pet Name: Zokym
Breed: Farnswap

About Krawkette:
Thunder illuminated the dark night's sky, and the rain was pouring, trickling down the wooden windows leaving the drops to race against one another.

Why am I describing such a dramatic scene, you may ask?

Well, before becoming what I am today, I was once a beautiful Kadoatie.

But my master the Lab Scientist had been working on a new potion to enhance my beauty.

Not wanting to work on it for any longer, he hurried me into a cage where I quickly rushed myself to the corner where I thought he couldn't catch me.

My eyes were wide open in shock and horror; he grabbed me and poured the potion all over me.

Seeing nothing but blurry and strange shapes, I could only focus on my hearing. I heard only laughter and a distant sobbing from an unknown thing.

But the last thing I recall hearing sounded a little bit like this: "Lemons! Dear, dear Lemons! What has become of you, my beautiful Lemons..."

Surrounded by total darkness, I was incapable of thinking or moving.

I was awoken that day, or at least I think it was that day, by the waves going and coming against my fur and the rocks rolling beneath me.

Fur? This was my ultimate first reaction; I didn't possess much fur before?

Hurriedly taking a hold of myself, I tried to see my reflection but the waves were too rough and I only managed to get a glimpse of the new me. The glimpse I did manage to get, though, didn't please me.

I continued walking on the odd-textured land when I fell upon a cave where menacing pirate-looking Neopets were gathered.

"Yes, pardon me kind fellows, would you please have the generosity to indicate where I am currently located?"

Blinking my eyes, hoping to get what I want like I always did before, I waited impatiently for a response.

A loud echo of laughter bounced across the cave walls and the meanest-looking one of them all suddenly answered my request.

"Hahahaha! What an ugly- looking thing! What is it, mate? Anyone care to give it a try?"

"Well, it must be some kind of mutated Petpet, sir!" I heard one of them reply, trying to hold back a laugh.

After multiple attempts, I heard one of them shout out, "I wonder why the little thing is wandering around Krawk Island by itself?"

It did take multiple tries but after hearing their laughter, I had gotten my answer.

That night I hid myself under a rock, hoping that I would be kept cool and safe from potential enemies.

Once again, I was awoken by something, but this time it wasn't the sun or the waves, it was by two immense nostrils aggressively sniffing me.

"What is it, Zokym?" I heard a voice call.

"Well, there's an odd little something beneath this rock, and I'd love to see what it is. Can I see what it is?"

I didn't hear the answer, but as soon as I could, I tried to rush myself toward a corner, but once again it was too late and a huge Chomby got a hold of me.

Staring deep inside one another's eyes, we both let out a deathly yell.

Out of surprise, I'm sure.

Right after the incident, the Chomby looked up at its companion, still having that grip on me and asked her,

"Can I keep it? Pleeease? Pleeeaaasee? Pretty please?"

The Chomby, whose name I later found out was Zokym, had apparently a lot of affection for me and had also been roaming the land to find a new Petpet.

"Krawkette! Come here!"

Quickly, I rushed onto Zokym's lap and curled up on her legs.

Today, I live with my owner. We're very close, and although I'm not as beautiful as I once was, I sure am treated like a Kadoatie anyway, always getting what I desire!

My name is Krawkette, inspired by the fact that I was found on Krawk Island, and this is my story.

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