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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Lister
Owner: teamshannon
Pet Name: Marvum
Breed: Maraquan Gruslen

About Lister:
I had been in the darkness ever since I could remember. Swimming around in that murky water, the bottom of which I had never seen or touched. I didn't know where I was or how I had gotten there; all I knew was that I was alone. I had never met another soul in that place and had searched for an escape many times, but the water was too deep, and I never felt a current. It was as if the place was dead, forgotten long ago or perhaps never even discovered.

That was until one fateful day, when a young Blumaroo was digging in the Obsidian Quarries and happened upon my unhappy dwelling.

I first heard a tumble and then a huge crescendo as colossal rocks came crashing down from the ceiling, falling into my pool, sending huge waves that engulfed me and made me splutter for air. I plunged underwater, trying to avoid the onslaught. I saw a light. It was glowing brightly a little way in front of me. It was enchanting, and I swam toward it, curious as to what it could be. It was then that I first saw him.

Illuminated by a lantern, a creature I now know as Marvum was struggling to swim upward toward the surface. I immediately rushed to his side, urging him to seize my tail. I had never made a noise before, for in a life of solitude there is no need, but somehow at this moment I knew how and barked as if to say, "Grab my tail and hold on tight!"

Even in this perilous situation, for a moment he looked mystified. I guess he hadn't seen me and a voice in these dark places could be very disconcerting. He quickly came to his senses and seized my tail. I flexed my broad fins and paddled as hard as I could, battling to the surface.

Marvum gasped and gulped at the air as though it were a transient thing that might vanish at any moment. I led him to the pool's edge where he pulled himself up, panting.

"Th-thank you s-so much, you saved my l-life!"

I nudged him with my nose and whimpered softly, as if to ask, "Are you hurt?"

He seemed to understand, because he answered, "I think I'm all right," checking for broken bones. "What is this place?"

A strip of light beamed down from the hole in the ceiling. and I gazed upon my surroundings for the first time. We were in a cavern so vast that the light pouring in hardly pierced it, but I could see heavy stalactites hanging from the roof, water droplets clinging to them and sparkling. The pool that once had been so grim and opaque was now a mirror for the sun and seemed paler and less foreboding.

"It seems nicer than it was before," he said. "In the blackness, it was a scary place."

I nodded in agreement. I had seen nothing until he'd come. I had thought the world was dark, and I was the only one in it.

Just then a voice bellowed, "HELLOO-OO-OO-O? ... IS THERE ANYBODY DOWN THERE-ERE-ER?" It echoed, a shadow slightly obstructing the light.

"Yes! Yes! Help! I was digging and I fell in!" Marvum called hysterically, flapping his arms about.


The shadow disappeared.

Marvum turned, "Would you like to come with me? Up there?" he asked. "I'm sure it's much better than down here alone in the dark."

* * *

We were rescued by the quarry workers who had heard the commotion and taken up into the sunshine. It was dazzling. I had never seen anything more beautiful.

Since that day Marvum and I have become inseparable. Sharing every moment, spending long days playing in the sun, and travelling Neopia in search of fun and laughter. He gave me my name, Lister, and I wear it like a badge of honour.

My existence in that cave feels like a distant past now, and it's all thanks to one clumsy Blumaroo digging for treasure. I saved his life and in return, he saved mine.

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