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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Harmony
Owner: lady_maeror
Pet Name: Mirafice
Breed: Blue Nedler

About Harmony:
Mirafice huddled within her cloak, watching the world go by as she stood solidly in the snow.

She was surprised to hear a faint gurgling coming from a distance. Curious, (as most Kougras were) she wandered toward the sound.

Peering over a fallen log, she was startled to find a small Petpet huddled in the snow, weakly giving calls for help as she struggled to make her way out of the slush.

She was bright blue, speckled with large green spots on her head. Realising she was being watched, she silently turned her gaze on Mirafice. Wide, bright yellow eyes peered at the Kougra. Then the small Petpet let out another cry and made to try to head toward Mirafice.

Unable to see a Petpet in trouble, Mirafice tentatively stepped forward, making sure not to slip and reached out to take the Petpet in her arms.

Mirafice was a Neopet who liked her solitude and lived on the outskirts of Happy Valley. She had never had a Petpet before and wasn't sure what to do now she had rescued this one.

Holding the Petpet in her arms, she couldn't put a finger on which species it was. From the look of it, the Petpet certainly didn't belong in Terror Mountain. But despite her ordeal, the Petpet seemed happy enough now.

"Do you have a name?" Mirafice asked her.

The Petpet merely gurgled another response, barely opening her mouth to reply.

"Um, okay," Mirafice replied. She sighed. "I can't leave you out here. Do you have a home?"

The Petpet whined, her large ears drooping with sorrow.

"You don't?" Mirafice asked incredulously.

The Petpet shook her head in response.

Despite her nature, the Petpet was rather adorable. Mirafice frowned as she wondered why the Petpet was out here all alone in the snow, of all places.

"I'll have to look after you for now then, won't I?" Mirafice murmured to herself.

But then the Petpet did a curious thing.

She smiled.
And three purple tentacles tumbled out of her mouth.

Mirafice cried out in surprise, almost dropping the Petpet as she did.

They stared at each other for a long moment.

"What are you?" she whispered.

Hurt by her reaction, the little blue Petpet wriggled and tried to escape her grasp.

The Kougra held on tighter, now understanding that the pet was intelligent, but the tentacles stopped it from communicating properly. "No, please don't be upset," Mirafice told her, causing it to stop struggling and look at her. "I haven't ever been outside of Terror Mountain, so I haven't met a breed of Petpet like you before," she explained. "You know, you startled me there, that's all."

But watching as its expression became hopeful and the Petpet gurgled a string of noises that sounded like it was pleased, she could see it was still rather cute.

But ever the practical Neopet, Mirafice knew it was out of place in this snowy landscape. Voicing her thoughts, she said, "Come on, there's a nice fire at home, and then we'll find you a new owner."

The little creature made an angry noise and then proceeded to snuggle into her arms as she walked.

Understanding, she shook her head. "I'm sorry, but you don't belong out here."

The Petpet twitched her small nose. Seeing that Mirafice was adamant in her choice, the Petpet made a decision. She deftly jumped out of the Kougra's arms and into the thick snow, instantly sinking a few inches.

Before Mirafice could react, the Petpet leapt a few paces away to sink once again.

Confused by her actions, Mirafice watched as the small Petpet hopped and jumped in the snow, never failing to sink a little further, but going on despite herself.

"Come now, you'll catch a cold," Mirafice scolded.

The blue creature glanced up at her and grinned, all tentacles exposed and wagging her tail for good measure.

Mirafice realised the Petpet was enjoying itself, even with the threat of falling into the snow and being unable to get out. She crouched down beside the little creature. "So you're trying to tell me that you like this cold weather?" she questioned.

The Petpet nodded enthusiastically.

The Kougra rolled her eyes to the heavens, but then stretched her hand out so she could take the Petpet in her arms once again. It came willingly, seeming to know that its message had been understood.

They walked on in silence.

"I've thought of a name for you," Mirafice announced as they drew closer to her home.

The Petpet perked her ears, curiosity shining in her eyes.

"I saw how happy you were out there, even if it was clear you weren't made for a climate like that. So I'm going to name you Harmony."

The little blue Petpet made a sound of approval.

As they neared the small hut, Mirafice stopped and glanced down at the Petpet in her arms.

"But, to be honest, I've never had a Petpet before. I mean, I don't know the first thing about looking after someone else," she admitted, reluctantly.

Harmony looked up and gave her smile. She didn't bother to make a noise, but despite that, she seemed to say: 'Well, I've never had an owner before.'

Mirafice smiled.

"I guess we can work it out together then."

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