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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Toothy
Owner: imp_oster
Pet Name: Iskut
Breed: Christmas Niptor

About Toothy:
A small, rather fluffy baby Lupe steps bravely into the open. Clutched in his paws is a green and red dinosaur-like creature -- a Christmas Niptor.

"Oh... um, hi... there," says the Lupe, who seems rather fearful. "M... My name is Iskut, and this is my... Niptor." He gestures his head toward the little Petpet, who swivels his head about, interested in just about everything in his view.

"I named him Toothy because he has lots of sharp teeth." Iskut pauses momentarily. "And he likes to bite, too."

Iskut looks at you and then down at Toothy. "Niptors are kind of scary to me. I don't really like things that might hurt me lots." Toothy blinks and wriggles his tail about while held in his owner's grasp. "I mean... Toothy is really great, but before I got him, I thought all Niptors would eat me or something; they're almost as big as I am, too."

Toothy finally manages to free himself of Iskut's protective grasp. The tiny dinosaur starts to examine you carefully, almost hungrily.

"Toothy is really nice, though. He mostly eats littler things like Spyders -- also scary -- and even chases away creepy things like Meepits. Though one time a Meepit kinda tied him up and stuff... it... was more creepy that time."

Iskut looks at Toothy, who seems to constantly be distracted by something new every few seconds. "I never really thought they could tie anything 'cause they have little hands..."

"A Niptor wasn't the Petpet I wanted at first. I kinda wanted a cute little Kadoatie because they're more scared of the dark than I am, so I coulda protected it. But now that I have Toothy, I'm real, real happy! I mean... he's big and strong and -- and lots of fun. He even chases Auovi's silly Airax around. And my big brother's Huggy and him are super best friends (but not as best friends as me and Toothy.)"

"I met Toothy in the month of Storing as a before-the-holidays-gift 'cause all my owner's other pets had Petpets except for me! But Toothy really freaked me out at first because of all those teeth." The little Lupe nods his head affirmatively. "He's a really good listener, too. When I'm scared of something he listens and makes it better. Probably because most of the time he can eat the scary things." Iskut stares at you.

"Watch this!" he commands. "Toothy! Dance!" he calls in a firm voice. The little Niptor blinks and then starts to shuffle its feet and wriggle its arms.

"Good boy, Toothy!" Iskut says happily. "See, he's a great listener and can do tricks." Iskut looks proud of his Petpet. "One day he'll be the bestest Niptor in the world, and maybe even win the greatest Spyder eater award... or at least best scary-thing chaser." He smiles and hugs the little dino.

"We gotta go home now, though, or else I might get in trouble. Mum thinks that with all the shadow monsters out, I might get hurt..." He holds his Petpet closely. "But I don't think Toothy would let anything get me." Iskut smiles, and Toothy blinks obliviously.

"Bye-bye! You should go home before your owner thinks a shadow monster eated you!" Iskut rushes off toward his home, holding Toothy’s clawed paw. The two make an interesting pair, to say the least.

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