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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nixie
Owner: calicopanda
Pet Name: Jacaus
Breed: Gikerot

About Nixie:
It was midsummer, and all the merchants were setting up their stalls and putting out their goods or wares for the market-goers. Colourful jewels, brightly woven garments, and shining objects of gold and silver shone on every table. Neopets moved about from table to table, admiring the buyables or purchasing them and carrying them in brightly coloured bags.

At a stall full of fresh fruits and vegetables, the merchant behind the table was shouting at a Moehog dressed in navy blue with a gold, shield-shaped badge pinned to his chest. The Moehog was holding a pad and paper, writing everything he heard as the merchant continued to shout at him.

When the merchant moved to greet a customer, there behind him on a small barrel, I saw caged in steel a small winged reptile. It was raging inside its small cage, frantically looking for a way out. A few moments of rattling and unsuccessful escape passed before it slumped to the floor of its cage in clear defeat. As I approached, the uniformed Moehog was just about to pick up the cage and leave.

"WAIT!" I yelled. "What did that creature do to deserve being locked in a cage?" I asked the Moehog.

He looked at me and then down at the cage. "It was caught eating this merchant's fruit after having stolen it," he said sorely. He seemed very annoyed at having been called out for such a simple thing as stolen fruit. He stood glaring in the general direction of the merchant who had called him,then gave a great sigh and turned to walk away.

"Well, wait!" I said again, "Where are you taking it?"

He gave me an odd look and shrugged.

"Well... how about I take it? It seems you have no place to put it, and if I were to take it home, I could take care of it, and it wouldn't steal anymore." I looked down at the little creature, and it was staring at me as if it understood what i was attempting to do. It sat silently in the cage and waited.

The Moehog paused and appeared to mull my offer over, nodding to himself at a few private points, then after a few moments he handed me the cage. The outraged merchant stormed over and began shouting at the Moehog.

As the two were arguing, i quietly slipped away out of sight of the angry merchant and the Moehog guard.

An hour later, back at my lair, I opened the cage and let the little creature out. It zoomed right out of the cage and perched itself atop my collection of used faerie bottles. Its little blue tongue flicked about, tasting the air. Its small green eyes focused on me, and it seemed to study me, its eyes roving over my being with deep scrutiny. I slowly moved toward my cupboard and rummaged around until I found a small bowl and some Nova Fruits. I diced the fruit into smaller pieces and filled the bowl, then set it down on the table.

The tiny creature, which I had identified as a Gikerot, eyed the bowl, then glided down to lap at the juice pooling in the bottom of the bowl.

"Well, you seem to like fruit as much as I do." I grinned. "But if you're going to be staying with me from now on, you'll need a name..." I thought for a moment, tapping my chin idly. "OH! I'll call you 'Nixie.' How do you like it?" I asked.

The little Gikerot paused and seemed to consider the name for a moment, then gave a single little nod in agreement.

"Well then, Nixie it is. We're going to be great friends, I think."

And so we have been, for a very long while.

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