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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fluffy
Owner: alagfalaswen
Pet Name: Yerenwen
Breed: Feepit

About Fluffy:
Somewhere in between Moltara and Neopia, there lived a Bruce with the rest of his ranbunctious, lively family. And with that Bruce was his companion -- a small, tiny blue ball of a Petpet whose attitude was much, much larger than his petite size.

Meet Yerenwen. Or, more importantly, meet his Feepit, Fluffy. Yes, that is his name and no, don't ask. Seriously. Spare yourself the time and baleful glares. We've all been there.

No one quite remembers how long Yerenwen and Fluffy have been together. Even Yerenwen himself can't quite recall the exact length of time -- he'd likely give you an apologetic grin if you were to ask, wave vaguely around a little and hazard a guess between six to eight years. If Fluffy knew, he was perfectly content with not sharing it with anyone.

Everyone else would answer your question with, 'probably forever'. Because really, it does feel that way -- from Yerenwen's snowboarding days to this very day, Fluffy has staunchly remained somewhere around Yerenwen's vicinity -- a blue ball of fluffy fur that toddled around the house, superiority evident in its every (tiny) step.

When a lost traveller stops by for rest, shelter, and new supplies, it is Fluffy who handles the checklist of items the traveller will need, laboriously moving the larger pencil across the check boxes as everyone fetches the various items Yerenwen calls for. Fluffy also helps double-check the supplies and items packed, if a little laboriously. And more than one traveller can attest to the extremely thorough once-over stare the little Petpet had given them during their brief stay at Yerenwen's place.

Fluffy's favourite task, however, is supervising Yerenwen's baking days. While most stay away from the danger zone usually known as the kitchen during these periods, Fluffy is usually perched on top of the flour bag, watching the proceedings with an interested eye. He may not know much about recipes, but he did know that you used sugar and not salt in cookies and that chilli powder, however colourful, is never a good topping. Chances are, if you have accidentally eaten one of Yerenwen's cookies and are not too ill, you have Fluffy to thank.

What Fluffy enjoys most is the task of decorating the various cookies Yerenwen 'bakes' with various sugar swirls, sprinkles, and icing. He has really gotten quite good over the years with a fairly good paw at colour and design. As far as the Feepit was concerned, never mind if the cookie was not actually edible -- as long as it looked pretty, it was fine by Fluffy.

Fluffy has been with Yerenwen for what seems like forever. And, as far as everyone is concerned, they'll both likely remain together for another couple of forevers. Because really, no one can think of any other way it could possibly be.

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